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Fda Approved Laser Fat Removal in India

A Laser which can trim inches off fat has just received the approval from U.S Foods and Drug administration to marketing within the United States.

The device which is called as Zerona, manufactured by Erchonia Medical Inc. that is designed to reduce unwanted fat without need of any surgical procedure such as Liposuction.

How it works?

The Laser liquefies fat within the fat cells and causes these cells to release their contents, which are naturally removes from the body. As a result of collapsed fats, the volume of the waistline, hips, and thighs is reduced. After that fat is removed, and cell will be dies. This procedure takes around 40 minutes or depend upon amount of fat to be removed.

Consultation at Dezire Clinic:

If you are suffering from excess of fat can go through this procedure. At Dezire Clinic, Dr. Prashant will listen your concerns and suggest you the best treatment which is suitable for you. To know more about laser fat removal or to confirm FREE consultation please visit at Dezire Clinic, India.

The cost of liposuction changes from patients to patients per treatment region. Factors that determine cost of liposuction include – Surgeon’s Fees: Experience, Reputation, and Technology, Anesthesia, Surgical Venue Fees, and Recovery. To know the approx back fat removal surgery cost in India please fills the form on –

If you want liposuction, you should choose a surgeon who devotes a lot of their time to liposuction and body contouring.

[dt_sc_testimonial image=”″ name=”Shripal” role=”………”]I was always hesitant when it came to things like this, it always seemed so superficial. I wanted to give it a go, cause why not! I’m not getting any younger. I am happy to say that I am super super happy with the service AND my results. At the initial consultation I met with the injector, also the consultant, Doctor Prashant Yadav who was very sweet and addressed all my concerns. I was very shy at first, but by the end of the consultation I felt like we were best friends! I got filler  done.He knows what his doing and he does it well. After I decided to book for a chemical peel and the technicians were very knowledgeable and caring, I felt like I was in a literal spa! I would recommend the Dezire Clinic to anyone! (except my worst enemy I don’t need them to look as great as I do). Trust me when I say, Book a consult!!!![/dt_sc_testimonial]

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