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What is the right time to opt for a breast reduction procedure?

Female breast reduction

According to various studies, the majority of women are not satisfied with their breasts’ natural  size. Some women choose to undergo breast reduction surgery, while some women prefer to have breast augmentation treatments to produce rounder, fuller breasts. Patients who feel that their enormous breasts are negatively hurting their personal or professional lives have to opt for breast reduction surgery. Patients whose breast size is giving them physical discomfort, such as back pain or neck strain, may also find it to be a useful alternative.

What is the difference between breast reduction and breast lift?

Some people might think they require breast reduction surgery when, in fact, a breast lift is the better option for them to move the breasts to a higher region of the chest and give them a more youthful, perkier shape. In other situations, a breast lift followed by a breast reduction might be the best course of action. Given the variety of possibilities, it’s necessary that you discuss your objectives with a plastic surgeon who can give you genuine advice on the best course of action.

Patients who have breast reduction surgery generally have a very high level of satisfaction with the procedure once the excess weight has been eliminated. In general, the sooner you have breast reduction surgery, the better, so that you can have a better quality of life if you’re in physical pain.

You are a good candidate for breast reduction surgery if-

  • If your breasts are heavier and larger than you want.
  • If you are 18 years and your breasts have completely developed.
  • If you are a teenager who is experiencing severe back pain due to your breast size.
  • If you are facing severe pain in your neck, shoulder and back because of breast size.
  • If your breast makes it difficult for you to wear bras and shirts.
  • You have persistent shoulder indentations from your bra straps and sores below the breasts.
  • If You are healthy and do not smoke.
  • You have realistic expectations from your procedure.
  • You are facing difficulties in performing in various sports.
  • You’re suffering emotional issues because of having huge breasts, including humiliation, social anxiety, self-consciousness, low self-esteem, and other undesirable emotions.

What should be the timing for your breast reduction surgery?

You should also think about the optimal time to undergo the breast reduction procedure so that it won’t be too stressful or disruptive to your everyday life. Since breast reduction requires surgery, you’ll need to take a few weeks off from work so that you can recover at home. It will typically be preferable to undergo breast reduction if you have a flexible work schedule or can take time off over a holiday break. Since people spend more time indoors and wear heavier clothing during the winter, there is less sun exposure and it is simpler to hide swelling and other short-term side effects. This is why patients frequently choose to get breast reduction during this time. Additionally, it’s best to schedule this surgery whenever you’re getting near to your ideal weight because significant weight loss in the future could change the outcomes. 

Are you looking for a breast reduction procedure in India?

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