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Synthetic या Bio-Fibre Hair Transplant क्या होता है और क्यों करते है?

“Hair”, a simple but one of the widely grown things on a human’s body but if anyhow they are not growing on the widely celebrated scalp part or they are falling from it excessively then that becomes a cause of anxiety and stress. People, especially nowadays facing various problems related to hair, and a majority of them lie in the Hair fall or Hair thinning category. People who are struggling with baldness due to hair fall would try different things whether it is cosmetics, serum, Sprays, or home remedies but when nothing works they thought of getting Hair Transplant done, but hair transplant needs a donor area to implant the hair follicles but in case of Severe receding hairline or baldness donor implantation won’t be possible. So, now the option left with those people is to get a Synthetic or Bio-Fibre hair transplant where the artificial hairs are implanted on the scalp and the area where the hairs are not coming back and the plus point is that this treatment can be done on both male and female.

What is a Synthetic or Bio-Fibre Hair transplant?

Synthetic or artificial or Bio-Fibre Hair transplant is a procedure in which the Hairs are implanted on the scalp using an Implanter device. Hair strands are transplanted to the bare site just like we do in Hair transplant but the difference is, in Hair transplant, the donor area hair follicles are used whereas in Biofiber or Synthetic hair transplant artificial fibers with different colors work as hair follicles that get implanted on the targeted site. They are available in different lengths.

How Bio-Fibre Hair transplant procedure is performed?

This procedure can be done by two available types of Synthetic fibers:

  • Biofibre hair implants
  • Nido Hair implants

First, local anesthesia is given to the patient and then the implantation of the Synthetic fibers begins at Dezire clinic the procedure is being done by Dr. Prashant Yadav with utmost precision and care, only 100 strands are implanted the first time or in the first session and then a break of 3 weeks is given to see any reaction of the body against the synthetic bio-fiber hairs and if there are no reactions or side-effects then the remaining artificial hairs are implanted on the targeted site in a single session.

Advantages of Synthetic Bio-fibre Hair transplant:

  • Take less time to recover as compared to an FUE Hair transplant and after the procedure, you can get back to your daily routine.
  • Immediate results with Natural looks.
  • Thick hairs with density
  • Painless outpatient procedure.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Bio-fibre hair Implants:

  • Post-treatment hygiene should be followed strictly
  • Impermanent, as loss of 10-20% of the implants happen each year
  • Session repetition is required.

WHY Choose Dezire clinic?

People who are looking to get a fuller crown area back again and that too without going through Hair transplant whether FUE or FUT then they must pay a visit at Dezire clinic where the painless Synthetic or Artificial Bio-Fibre hair Implants method is available which is the best method to get the hairs back on the receding area, You can dial the numbers mentioned below to book your appointment at our clinics.

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