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Surgery To Remove Gynecomastia In India

Around half of all males having an extra localized fats and extra glandular tissues in their one or may be in both breasts. Gynecomastia occurs more than 65% of male’s breast disorders. Gynecomastia surgery with or without liposuction used to treat the enlarged male breasts. While it is not a serious medical problem but it can cause great embarrassment, especially young boys who has enlarged breasts. This is actually caused due to hormonal imbalance, certain medications, or may be any other reasons.

            If you want to reduce your enlarged breasts and you are looking for the best Gynecomastia Treatment, so you have come to the right place. Here our expert and his team will give you the best treatment.

Best Gynecomastia surgery is performed by our expert, Dr. Prashant Yadav and his team. He is the India’s best Gynecomastia surgeon. And having Indian Board Certified Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon.

To know the gynecomastia treatment cost  please fill the form on & mail your chest pictures to our email address.

Sabawoon Vaser Gynecomastia

[dt_sc_testimonial image=”″ name=”Sabawoon” role=”Pune”]  Walking through the doors of Dezire Clinic was the best decision I have ever made.
I was just always amazing in answering all of my questions,  with her after care & attention to every aspect made the healing process a breeze.
Doctor Prashant Yadav answered all of my questions openly and honestly on the day of my consultation, and did not hesitate in providing all the information I needed.
To Doctor Prashant Yadav! What can I say? Your a absolute genius! your the Van Gough of the cosmetic World.
I thank you so very much for turning my life around, I’m so much more happier within myself as a person! My confidence is back! & for the first time in a long time I can slip on anything & not only look great but feel awesome!
Can’t wait for next summer!
All the very best to you and your fabulous team!.[/dt_sc_testimonial]

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