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Sebaceous Cyst Removal – Youtube Videos

A sebaceous cyst is a protrusion on the skin or a lump formed on the skin surface. Sebaceous means related to oil, cyst means a hollow cavity or a sac. Thus a sebaceous cyst is formed by the accumulation of a liquid/semi liquid material just below the skin surface. In most of the reported cases, it has been found to be non-cancerous.

It is normally dome or semi-hemispherical in shape. As it grows gradually, is painless, seems harmless hence it is neglected by most of the people till the time it starts causing physically discomfort or is socially embarrassing.

Sebaceous cysts are formed due to the blockage of the sebaceous glands. The oil which is secreted by these glands starts getting accumulated. People having a history of acne problems are more at risk & more likely to develop sebaceous cysts on their body.

Males or females both are equally susceptible. It is normally seen on the scalp, neck, back, or groin area. It usually occurs when the gland opening gets blocked or hair follicle gets swollen due to the breakage of the follicle from the skin.

If it gets punctured, greyish white/yellowish fluid having a pungent offensive odor oozes out. Though a sebaceous cyst is considered harmless still immediate medical attention should be sought in case it gets punctured or there is an accelerated growth in its size.

Natural or home remedies have not been found to be effective in completely eliminating these cysts. A sebaceous cyst surgery is the widely preferred solution as it gives instant relief since the cyst is removed completely.

A sebaceous cyst surgery is risk free if performed by a qualified & experienced surgeon. It is performed in 1 sitting. Patient can walk out after the surgery without any overnight hospital stay. There is negligible scarring which subsides with time.

Check these videos to find out more.

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