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Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant Procedure

Receding hair lines are a nightmare and it especially so when it happens to an actor. Salman Khan one of the biggest names in Bollywood faced this problem in 2002. Actors have a very hard time when it comes to such issues since their appearance is one of the key factors behind their fan base. Although Salman khan hair transplant story is a decade old we still get a grim reminder of how shady the plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery industry can be. Firstly when celebs take up such procedure or treatments the info is kept totally confidential. Due to the people being up on everything these celebs do if word got out their personal life can changed very quickly. The actor was seen bald in 2003. This happened after went for a hair restoration attempt in India. The results were bad and due to that he had to shave his head completely.

Fast forward to 2005 he was seen with visible scars on his head. These scars were a result of the hair transplant surgery being performed two years back. A hair transplant procedure can cause scars on the head due to the hair follicles being removed and placed on different parts of the head. After that failed attempt it was revealed by unconfirmed sources that he was going to Dubai in 2007 to get another hair transplant procedure. This time an American doctor was supposed to transplant the hairs. The identity of this doctor is still unknown but it has been noted that he remains as one of the biggest names in the hair transplant market.

After that Salman Khan made a lot of trips to Dubai from time to time between the years 2007 and 2013. This is because the hair transplant surgery was done in stages. It is believed that synthetic fibre was used instead of real hair. When Salman was asked about it whether he wanted synthetic fibre hair or normal hair he said that he would like the transplant procedure to be dine with synthetic hair. No one knows why the actors wanted synthetic hair besides him to this day.

It is believed that Salman from that time on has had synthetic hair and the operation was a success. The doctor actually managed to get the best results possible through the surgery as Salman can now be seen with a head full of hair. His hair also looks real and natural due to the high quality duplication methods used to make the synthetic hair look real. Though the success was success he has multiple hair scars on his scalp which will never heal. Granted he doesn’t have to face any hair fall so no one will notice. Also the use of synthetic hair will continue to inflict damage throughout his life to the scalp. This is a risk of any synthetic replacements. Until removed Salman Khan will have to risk it. The story of Salman Khan hair transplant remains as a deep insight as to how even the biggest names in the world can succumb to hair fall.

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