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Plan a less stressful Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is all about getting into the shape again after child bearing period. Some plan to get it just after their pregnancy and others take their time before getting into this. This procedure actually gives you your lost confidence back with a toned appearance making you more attractive than ever. This needs down time to recover so, if your kids are small then it’s the perfect time to get it done but if your kids have grown old this might be difficult for you as how’ll you manage your daily routine and time. Still there is an option for you to discuss it with your kids and plan accordingly getting the required time and rest you’d need just after the surgery.

It’s not an outpatient procedure it requires patient’s admission for a day or two as it’s performed under general anesthesia. It is a “major” procedure in the sense that in involves more than one area of the body, it’s not typically medically complex. As you consult with plastic surgeons while you plan for surgery, be sure to ask about their individual approaches for resurgence.

Here are a few tips on how less stressful you can make it:

  • The first step towards getting mommy make over should be choosing the right surgeon, look for a board certified expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Prashant Yadav at Dezire clinic. He’ll assure you of the results and plan your surgery accordingly and will be there to answer all your queries post and pre- surgery.


  • Don’t plan to handle everything single handed, ask your partner and other family members to take reins for a while. This will help you heal fast and recover quickly and also the family support would let you stay calm and not thinking about how and who will manage on your behalf.


  • Plan all your chores before the surgery like take a long grocery trip and make all the possible things get done on time prior the procedure. All other household tasks like laundry and cleaning get them done this way you won’t be thinking getting off the couch every five minutes.


  • Follow your doctor strictly, whatever is there on the post operative list try to follow that this will help your recovery process happen smoothly and maintain hygiene in any condition this will keep you away from any kind of infection or any other trouble.

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