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How to pick the best plastic surgeon for yourself

Picking the best surgeon for you is the toughest job ever, and there is no particular solution to this. Here are a few ways enlisted to come over this problem:

  • Experience does matters: no wonder when it comes to plastic surgery or any other general surgery the experience of the surgeon matters the most and above all his knowledge in that particular field out stands even experience. Now with over all experience, you need to focus on the surgeon’s experience in that particular procedure you are considering this will add to your confidence for getting the best desired results.


  • Board certification: board certified surgeons are the best to consider but keep in mind government doesn’t consider a surgeon’s experience in specific area you are looking for board certification is for qualifying performing procedures in different and any area of medical field. So when you look for board certified surgeon make sure you get to know his experience and knowledge in that particular procedure you are considering.


  • Customer service should be the priority: yes, even when your chosen surgeon is expert and board certified, if he doesn’t have that bond with his patients and staff then you should think again. Customer satisfaction should be the priority of any reputed surgeon as the way you are being and served and treated will help you figure out the results you must be looking for.


  • The facilities out there: after all just a good surgeon will not only help you scheduling your surgery you’re considering, the staff and the facilities he’s providing will add a lot to your experience with them.


  • The consultation: the initial stage of knowing your surgeon is during consultation, the way you’ll get your queries answered and procedure explained will give you a great comfort and satisfaction. The easiest way to grown your knowledge of the procedure considering and also you can ask as my question coming to your mind. Ask your surgeon about his experience and also his in hand practice years.


  • Cross check: before reaching to any conclusion just try to go through a number of surgeons’ website and reviews left by their patients, this way you’ll know all the required details about the procedure and your surgeon.

At Dezire Clinic, Delhi consult our senior expert Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S., MC.H.) a board certified plastic surgeon. He’s known for his work and one of the best surgeons known till today. He examines his patients with great care and his friendly nature makes everyone comfortable automatically in no time. To know more book your consultation soon, this is free of cost and experience the said things about Dr. Prashant Yadav.

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