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Mole removal treatment in Delhi to get rid of moles

Moles are something that is very common to get and to get rid of that trying home remedies is the primary thing that people try but people forgot to consider what side-effects it can cause to the area from where the moles have to be removed, but with safe and precise radio frequency mole removal technique the moles can be wiped out entirely from their roots so that there are no chances left to get those moles back. Dezire clinic uses the same technique to do the mole removal treatment in Delhi so that the results could be better.

Why these moles appear on the body?

Moles can appear anywhere on the body and the reasons behind getting these on the body is unknown though some research reveals that getting these moles are hereditary majorly but this explanation is not enough to show the root cause behind getting moles. Scientifically, these moles appear when the clusters of melanocytes form on some area of the body. Melanocytes are cells that give pigment to the skin and when these melanocytes gather in clusters they form moles on the skin of the person.

How mole removal treatment is done?

The face mole removal at the Dezire Clinic is done by using the latest Radiofrequency mole removal technique and in this technique Radio waves are utilized to vaporize the moles from the body in this technique a loop of platinum wire actually a device with a mounted wire on its tip which is as thin as a hair strand is used to remove the targeted moles the radio frequency vaporizes the face moles and the wound which is formed fades away after a week or two and a new layer of the skin surfaces and the biggest advantage of it is that it is a daycare procedure and only in one session the complete mole is removed that too with a minute scar which will get healed after the procedure.

Mole removal treatment benefits:

There are various benefits of mole removal treatment in Delhi and here are some of them:

  • Eliminate the chances of Skin cancer as you never know what those moles are hiding.
  • Make your skin reflect more than earlier.
  • After mole removal men can easily shave their beards without getting worried.

The results would be provided in a non-surgical manner and to do that Radio frequency mole removal is used.

Why choose Dezire Clinic?

Safest treatments can only be done by an expert surgeon and choosing the best facility can change the outcomes significantly and at the Dezire Clinic we use the latest Radio frequency mole removal procedure to get rid of those moles and the results are immediate and painless. Moreover Dr. Prashant Yadav who is also the director of the Dezire Clinic and the best cosmetic surgeon in India. The results are guaranteed to book you free consultation you can dial +91 9272007896 or ping us an email at

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