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Microneedling- rejuvenates signs of ageing

Anti-ageing treatments are trending since past and now cosmetic surgeries have taken the lead with successful and quick results. Microneedling is minimal invasive procedure treats from wrinkles to acne scars everything. It can be combined with other cosmetic treatments for better results if needed. It’s safe for every skin tone and type, it boosts the collagen present in the skin and stimulates it growth. It punctures your skin to causing injuries to start its natural healing process of the skin which actually involves- the production of collagen and elastin as well as the turnover of skin cells.

Procedure: the procedure is very simple, a handheld device is used equipped with very fine needles. Which are used to puncture skin creating minor injuries. These injuries make skin start its natural healing procedure which kicks the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Additional blood vessels are also created during healing, and the final result is skin that’s more vibrant, radiant and youthful. This procedure doesn’t involve any harsh chemical or medicines so you can rely on this procedure anytime.

At Dezire Clinic, Delhi our senior Dr. Prashant Yadav provides this treatment with his expertise and patience and yes results do speak. During your consultation with him he’ll clear all your doubts and give you the required piece of advice for your problem. This therapy is harmless and painless but numbness is preferred by many doctors otherwise it felts like tiny pinpricks. Don’t use micro-needles when u have eczema, herpes, fungal infection, inflammation, poor healing mechanism or wounds etc. before administering at home it is necessary to visit any doctor and have a proper check-up. Although this treatment has minimal side-effects you can use good sun-protection, glycolic acid, etc to protect your skin.

Benefits involved- it smoothes out stretch marks almost anywhere on the body, boosts level of collagen, improves wrinkles, etc. as it renews skin itself with this overall texture and firmness are improved too with it. Without any downtime unlike laser treatments it minimizes the appearance of scars like acne scars, injury scars, etc. Dr. Prashant Yadav will assure you of the predictable results as this treatment involves no downtime and takes just couple of minutes to perform it.

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