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Manboobs surgery in Pune | Dezire Clinic

Do you find tight T-shirts uncomfortable to wear? When should you think about having Manboobs surgery in Pune?

Gynecomastia, often known as manboobs, is a disorder that affects a significant number of males worldwide and causes their chests to begin to resemble those of women. A hormonal imbalance between the hormones testosterone and estrogen is the root cause of this illness. A man’s chest begins to resemble a woman’s breasts as the estrogen level in his body rises and the amount of testosterone falls. Gynecomastia can significantly reduce a man’s feelings of self-confidence and uncertainty. Many guys abandon their preferred outfits because of how their chests look. 

When should you choose to get Manboobs surgery?

  • If you’ve attempted to lose weight but the look of your chest hasn’t changed
  • Despite using drugs to treat Manboobs, they did not impact your disease.
  • If you’re looking for a long-term, long-lasting solution to your gynecomastia problem.
  • If you want to solve the male breast problem right now. 

Process of Male Breast Removal Surgery 

  • Due to recent advancements in liposuction technology, this condition is now commonly treated with liposuction. People are now obtaining the outcomes they want thanks to less intrusive methods. You should pick a highly skilled surgeon with years of expertise using liposuction to do male breast reduction surgery.
  • You will be given anesthetic during the procedure, and a small incision will be made on either side of your chest. Your surgeon may use the incision to remove any extra fat and glandular structures, giving your chest a sculpted appearance that fits your figure.

Things to keep in mind prior to and after your procedure

  • Discuss all of your expectations and previous health difficulties with your surgeon before the procedure. 
  • You should stop smoking a few weeks before the procedure for a quick recovery.
  • Avoid using blood thinners before and after surgery.
  • If you have any discomfort, use just the painkillers your surgeon has prescribed.
  •  A small incision will be made on each side of your chest while you are under anesthetic for the procedure. Your surgeon may use the incision to remove any extra fat and glandular structures, giving your chest a sculpted appearance that fits your figure.

What can you anticipate after your procedure?

The operation has instant and long-lasting effects, although it may take some time for the swelling to go down and the true effects of becoming apparent.

Why should I get my Manboobs surgery at the Dezire Clinic? 

Dezire Clinic has been offering cosmetic and surgical procedures for many years, including Manboobs surgery in Delhi. We provide you with high-class services by utilizing the most recent technologies on the market. Dezire is renowned for upholding a flawless standard of hygiene for our customers’ safety. To ensure that working with us is pleasant for you, we keep our work secret. You can contact us by phone at 9717470550 or by eCmail at

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