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Man boobs surgery results

Are you looking for Man boobs surgery results online? Are you also tired of your gynecomastia?

A medical disorder known as gynecomastia causes guys to have enlarged breast tissue. It happens when the body’s hormonal equilibrium is thrown off, which raises the level of estrogen in relation to testosterone. Numerous factors, such as puberty, aging, hormonal imbalances, specific medications, and underlying medical conditions, can cause this. Gynecomastia can produce pain, swelling, or nipple discharge in one or both breasts. It could occasionally cause psychological distress or shame as well. Depending on the underlying cause, gynecomastia treatment options may include drugs, surgery, or lifestyle modifications.

When should you choose laser gynecomastia surgery?

  • Gynecomastia in males is treated with a type of cosmetic surgery known as laser gynecomastia surgery. The goal of this operation is to create a more sculpted and masculine-looking chest by using a laser to remove extra breast tissue and fat.
  • When non-surgical methods, such as medications or lifestyle modifications, have failed to reduce breast tissue and fat, gynecomastia surgery using a laser is frequently advised. It might also be advised if the gynecomastia is seriously impairing the person’s quality of life or giving them severe psychological discomfort.

How is the Dezire Clinic’s Laser Gynecomastia Surgery performed?

The goal of laser gynecomastia surgery is to create a more sculpted and masculine-looking chest by using a laser to remove extra breast tissue and fat. Depending on the severity of the gynecomastia, the procedure is normally carried out under general anesthesia and might last anywhere from one to two hours.

The steps are performed in the following order:

  • Anesthesia: Depending on the patient’s grade, weight, and preferences, general or local anesthesia is used to make sure they are comfortable and pain-free during the procedure.
  • Small incisions are made by the surgeon to gain access to the breast tissue, either under the breast or around the areola.
  • Laser Treatment: Excess breast tissue and fat are liquefied and removed using a laser-emitting wand. These materials are then suctioned out of the body via a tiny tube.
  • The glandular tissues are also taken out of the chest when the surplus fat is removed.
  • Closure: Following the removal of extra tissue and fat, the incisions will be stitched up and dressings or a compression garment will be applied to speed up healing.

How to Get Well After Gynecomastia Surgery?

There are a number of measures that patients should take following gynecomastia surgery to guarantee optimal recovery and reduce the chance of problems. Here are a few general safety measures:

  • Observe the post-operative advice from our surgeon: Follow the surgeon’s instructions very closely regarding how to treat the incision sites, when to change dressings, and how to take any prescription drugs.
  • Wear the compression garment: To help reduce swelling and accelerate healing, our surgeon may advise you to wear a compression garment for a few weeks following surgery. Ensure that you wear it as directed.
  • Avoid vigorous activities: It’s recommended to refrain from hard lifting, exercise, and sports for a few weeks after surgery in order to prevent stress on the chest area. You’ll receive advice from our surgeon about when it’s okay to resume these activities.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking: These vices might hinder recovery and raise the possibility of problems. After surgery, it’s advised to refrain from these behaviors for at least a few weeks.
  • Attend follow-up appointments: In order to track your recovery and make sure you are healing appropriately, our surgeon will likely set up a number of follow-up consultations. Attend each of these appointments and express any concerns you may have.

What outcomes are possible after gynecomastia surgery?

 It’s vital to keep in mind that gynecomastia surgery recuperation might take several weeks, and even when the results are on the table, they might not be immediately apparent. For best outcomes, exercise patience and adhere to the surgeon’s instructions. To observe the full outcomes of your operation, allow the early swelling to go down.

Why the Dezire Clinic is the best choice for gynecomastia treatment?

Dezire Clinic has been offering cosmetic and surgical operations for many years if you’re looking for cosmetic therapy in Delhi. We provide you with top-notch services by utilizing the most recent technologies on the market. Dezire is renowned for upholding an outstanding standard of hygiene to ensure our customers’ safety. To make sure that working with us is comfortable for you, we respect anonymity in all we do. To schedule your free consultation, contact us by phone at 9717470550 or by email at

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