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Male Breast Enlargement In India

Gynecomastia is nothing but swelling of the breasts tissues of males. It is caused by unbalancing of hormones and may be other reasons also. Gynecomastia can affect one or both sides of male’s breasts. Sometimes it may cause in new-borns baby, Boys going through the puberty and also older men’s may develop gynecomastia as a result of normal changes in the hormone level, or other causes may exists.


Most of the cases of gynecomastia sink over time without treatment. If gynecomastia is cause by an essential condition, so it may need treatment. Best Gynecomastia surgery in India is perform by our expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S. M. Ch.) and his best team. He is the best gynecomastia surgeon in India and have an Indian Board certified Cosmetics and Plastic Surgeon.

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Subhdeep Chakraborthy Vaser Gynecomastia

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Doctor Prashant Yadav is amazing, he has been the only Doctor who find out what was wrong with me after being in several different clinics and doctors he was the only one . He took his time with me, he is so honest on his recommendations, he just wanted the best for my health, very personal but at the same time very professional, also delivered 2 babies with him, save my baby who everyone else told me because of my age I shouldn’t have him, he is a 7 years old healthy little boy, Thanks Doctor Prashant Yadav you are the Best Doctor ever Everything went as expected from him, he make our lives so much happier, because of his high experience on his career


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