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😱Anesthesia से क्योँ डर Lagata Hai . Local Vs General Anesthesia .🔥LIVE 🔥@Dezire Clinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Before starting the live session he first explained the fear of anaesthesia is a big factor which people faces before going for any surgery.  He tells lots of questions come to their mind such as the effect of anaesthesia, pain during anaesthesia, fear of death, will they return back to conscious after anaesthesia, danger and life threatening effects of anaesthesia. He further explained that local anaesthesia is mostly used for numbing small body areas while general anaesthesia is used for in surgeries of bigger body parts and in some medically comprised patient.

Local anaesthesia effect is mainly in smaller areas such as eyebrow, beard and hair transplant, mole removal. In Gynecomastia surgery local anaesthesia is given along with sedation, the patient remains conscious during the surgery he can even talk during surgery, he remains sedated and semi-conscious. The conscious level of patient remains intact he doesn’t remember what procedure he is undergoing, we give amnesia injection which causes memory loss, he doesn’t remember the during surgery memory. He doesn’t remember the exact things which has been done.

Some of the questions asked during the live session were:

  1. ​sir j plasma when you are going to start 👍

Ans. We are going to start it at convenient time we will right now there is a delay.   We will definitely announce it before starting.

  1. Q. ​sir aap delhi ke alawa or kin sehron me surgery karte hain

Ans. I do surgeries in ​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir can we do gyno surgery only under local anesthesia.

Ans. Yes, we can do this. If you are mentally prepared then gyno surgery can be done in local anaesthesia. We definitely give sedation along with local anaesthesia, in the surgery we have to go deep within muscles, we have to do aggressive liposuction, fear of anxiety and fear of uncertainty is there therefore we give sedation.

  1. doctar ek nipple reduction ky video my aphny bola tha ke .. maximum nipple reduced karenghy . flat nipple reduction kiv possible nahi .

Ans. Nipple is  definitely elevated, reduction can be done till it is elevated.

  1. Q. ​sir hair transplant kis age m karana chaya

Ans. You can do hair transplant after your hair fall is stabilized. It can be done at minimum 21 years of age.

  1. ​sir suppose I’m having gyno surgery in between I get a pain which is unbearable then can we add sedative in between the surgery.

Ans.  Yes, we can add dose. Local anaesthesia with sedation is used which causes anxiety, pain relief, sleep. It normalizes your heart rate and everything. the dose is given according to body weight and it is supplemented according to time to time, after a limit does decreases then we give injection again.

  1. Q. ​tell me about penis enlargement?

Ans. In penis enlargement penile lengthening is done, girth of penis is increased with fat transfer, peno-scortal web is released.

  1. ​sir mere mom dad nahe man rahe he sir surgery ke liya

Ans. You give them time try daily to convince them they will listen to you.

  1. what is microaire effective for

Ans. Microaire is power assisted liposuction. I use it because to skin contraction is very better when resistance is needed  and in the tough and fibrous areas it is very effective. It reduces the avulsion, it has smooth movement, no forceful moment, the movement is sensitive. It is very effective, its speed, quality, retraction is improved. It is used world over and it is US-FDA approved.

  1. Q. ​doctar plzz ek video my nipple reduction Ka procedure explain kijiye animation yaa pic my kaha say cut karhty hy nd alll

Ans. I have shown it in one video it will be uploaded soon. I have made one incision and removed fat and gland from it

  1. minimum cost of penis enlargement Dr.

Ans. For cost call on ​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. hair transplant me donr ariya na ho bal kahn se lete ho aap ??

Ans. We take hair from beard, chest, underarm, abdomen, legs and pubic hair.

  1. sir seroma kyu hota hae, do you apply drainage after surgery.

Ans. In seroma larger quantity of fluid is collected  and if decreases over a period of time if it doesn’t decreases then we remove it.  We either enlarger the incision size then remove it or we remove it by needle. Antibiotics are only effective, the swelling comes on third day and it is maximum for 2 weeks

​Q. ​Sir Rashid wen will my scar go its been 2 months ? Gyno surgery

Ans. For full scar  to fade it takes around 6 months to fade .

  1. sir gynicomestia ke koi side effect to nhi hai na

Ans. Pain, swelling, hardness, stiffness, bruises,  fluid discharge, superficial necrosis.There may be restrictions of arm barely seroma, wound dehiscence hematoma, irregularity, asymmetry.

  1. ​sir ek disease jise exfoliate cheilitis bola krte h …is disease me patient ke lipa ki skin har 4-5 din k baad dead hoke peel hoti h aur y cycle continue chlta h .

Ans.I don’t have much idea about it a dermatologist an  tell you this

  1. sir pls finateride tablet se kya gyno ki problem hoti hai kya or weight bhi gain hota hai kya

Ans.  Yes. it can cause these problems.

  1. Q. ​pain kafi hota h kya gynocomastia surgery mein?

Ans. The pain is basically under our control

  1. 1 month ho gaya sir gynocomistya surjery ke sujan kab tak jayge

Ans. Swelling will reduce slowly, it depends on your expectation swelling is very subjective within one month swelling will reduces. To reduce complete swelling it will take around 3 to 6 months.

  1. oprations Karne ke baad discharge same day Kar doge ya second day

Ans. We discharge you on the same day

  1. Q. ​sir chaker kitne lagane padte he 600 km h

Ans. If you can’t come, you can remove your stitches from your nearby place.

  1. hello sir greetings. sir ftm me urethra lenthing ke liye aap kaha se skin/graft nikalna prefer krte he?

Ans. We need to take mucosal graft where it is appropriate we can take it from there.

​ Q. Hello sir, do you know any Indian surgeon in USA for gynecomastia surgery. Your info is highly appreciated.

Ans. I don’t know  anyone personally but you can find it from google.

Q.​sir nagpur me avlable h Kya

Ans. No, I don’t do surgery in Nagpur

  1. Hello sir . I’m prasad wani ,I’m in final year engineering ,nearest city to hyderbad for gynacomastia ,what is the recovery period

Ans. It takes around 2-3 days and from next day you ate safe to travel. You can come to our Bangalore or Pune centre

  1. Q. ​sir if you use microaire along with vaser liposuction does the cost increase

Ans. I have not done any publicity yet about it, till I have  not charged anything about it

  1. Q. ​surgary ke bad kab discharch kab hota h

Ans. Same day after surgery you can go to home.

​ Q. accha sir fluid collection hone pr uska solution kya ho skta h ?

Ans. We remove the fluid by aspiration, or we give some antibiotics to resolve the fluid or we enlarge the incision and remove the fluid.

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