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Local Vs General anaesthesia

People who go through surgeries always have various doubts in their minds regarding the procedure and one of the commonly asked questions is regarding the anesthesia which is to be provided to the patient before doing the procedure whether cosmetic or plastic. Patients who have opted for cosmetic or non-cosmetic procedures be it tattoo removal, hair transplant, tummy tuck, etc all of the procedures mentioned here needed either general or local anesthesia and the surgeon who is going to do the surgery knows the importance of it.

What is Anesthesia?

  • Anesthesia usually means “Loss of sensation”. It can be done through injections or medicine to numb the body part which is needed to be treated.
  • The medication used for anesthesia is called an anesthetic.
  • It is going to block the signals that pass through the nerves to the brain.
  • When the effect of the anesthetic is over you will feel normal.

Who is an Anaesthetist?

  • An anesthetist is a specialist doctor who is specialized in general anesthesia procedures but he/she is qualified to give local anesthesia as well.
  • Other specialist doctors can provide local anesthesia or sedation to the patient or in an emergency case or minor operations.

Local Anesthesia:

  • It is used to numb a particular part or area of the body, it will maintain the consciousness of the person but he/she will be free of the unbearable pain which can cause by surgical treatment.
  • It is used when the nerves can be easily reached by drops or ointments.

General Anesthesia:

  • In this, the patient will remain in controlled unconsciousness. The patient will have no memory after being anesthetized until he/she regain the consciousness again.
  • It can be given in the form of Injection or direct gas supply/ anesthetic gas.
  • Unconsciousness by general anesthesia is different from natural sleep and you cannot be awoken until the effect of the anesthesia is over.
  • It is only done in the presence of a special anesthetic with their organized team.

WHY choose Dezire clinic?

IF you are looking for the best and affordable treatment without worrying about the anesthesia given and aftermath you should come to the Dezire clinic where we have a specialized team and an experienced anesthetic doctor who is always there during the procedure with Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH) he is an Indian Board specified plastic surgeon as well as a member of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India and Pune Association of Plastic Surgeons. With us you will get what you are looking for, to know more call us at (9717470550) or you can ping us an email at (

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