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Live Talk 🔴Gynecomastia Liposuction Lipoma Breast surgery Skin Hair Laser Trans @DezireClinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions which were asked during live session were

  1. sir Gyno surgery k baad wrestling karsakte haina

Ans. yes, you can do wresting, weight lifting and other activities. Gynecomastia doesn’t affect the muscles

​Q. Hello sir, I am planning for surgery on 17th or 24th of oct.. when should I book appointment?​I am in Pune

Ans.To schedule your procedure contact on Pune team you will get all the information related to cost, booking amount, time, instructions before surgery etc.

Call on ​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​Q. sir surgery ke liye 10 lakhs saving keno padegi 😭😭😭

Ans. You tell  what surgery you are planning for.

​ Q. hello sir ji gynecomastia surgery ke liye slot booking ke liye kuch pay karna padta hai kya

Ans, Yes, you have to pay booking amount

​ Q. sir plz tell about importance pressure garment

Ans. I have already told all the information about pressure garment in my previous live session, please check

​ Q. sir ji agar February me surgery hai to ab blood test kiye to chalega kya

Ans. Yes, blood test can be valid, but if you are planning for February then you can do your blood test in January

​ Q. sir, local anesthesia would be given or general for grade 2 gynaecomastia?

Ans. For grade 2 I do it in local anaesthesia with sedation. We do not prescribe general anaesthesia mostly

  1. What is the cost for grade 2?

Ans. For cost call on the no Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700  Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​Q. sir gyno surgery ke bad koi side effect toh nahi

Ans. Pain, swelling, bruises ,stiffness hardness is there and complete recovery takes for 1 to 3 months to see the perfect shape of chest. These are all temporary and they will subside with time.

​Q. sir mane msg kiya Delhi me but kohe response nahi a raha ha

Ans. I request my team to answer for it. Don’t worry we have lot of calls and mails, sometimes there is delayed response

​ Q. surgery ke bad sab nipple Mein Gadda kyon ban jata hai

Ans. There is some depression in nipple which will go, some stiffness will be there but it will go with time

​ Q. sir , booking krne k baad kitne days m surgery krte ho aap

Ans. Depends on the slot you have chosen and surgery you have opted for. Minimum one to 2 days waiting period is there

​ Q. stiches badme nikalne padte hai or automatically dissolve ho jate hai

Ans. Stitches are removed by 2 weeks, we do not use dissolvable stitches

​ Q. sir agr childhood se gyno hai but testosterone ka level sahi hai toh reson kia hai

Ans. Testosterone level fluctuate till 12-17 years, it normalizes after puberty. In some case it dissolves and in some case it still remains.

​ Q. sir maine nagpur me dr jayswal ke pass surgery ki lekin muzhe results nahi mila abhi bhi problem dikh raha hai mai kya kru

Ans. Tell us what problem you are facing, I will try to give you the best result. I will not say and  bad things about any surgeon. I take every procedure as a challenge and I do my best. You send your picture then I will guide you

​Q. sir ji last question slot booking ka to ho gaya vo jo pay karna padega vo mai karunga lekin mai baki cash payment karunga pune me to cash acceptable hai ya nahi ya fir net banking karna padega

Ans. All mode of payment are accepted here, you can give cash, online, bank transfer etc.

​ Q. sir kia yea nessecry hai ki gyno link with testosterone leval

Ans. Yes, gyno is due to low testosterone level. It is not necessary to undergo tests for hormonal levels

​ Q. sir kitne dino tak light food lena h

Ans. Take light food for one day

​Q. hi sir i am removing my stitches tomorrow and my pectoral muscles are looking good.. 😊.. some discomfort is there but that is manageable.. hope it will go with the time..

Ans. Best of luck and  forget about gyno, and focus on yourself, with time you will get a much better shape

​Q. sasur ji ke bad nariyal tel malish karne se kya hota hai gana

Ans. It reduces swelling, make skin normal and  improves the irregular contour of the chest

​Q. Gynecomastia surgery karane ke bad fir se ho sakta hai gynecomastia

Ans You have to come after 3rd day, 14 day. 1month and 6 months

​Q. thankyou sir I am doing good. ​my surgery was done on 23 th of nov

Ans. I am delighted to know you are doing good and thank you for sharing your feedback with us

  1. ​gynecomastia ki opration ke baad kab gym join kar skte hai

Ans, You can join after one month

Q.sir do you do awake surgery of gynecomastia

Ans. Whatever I do is the best for you then we will decide and do the surgery. Surgery decision don’t depend on the type of anaesthesia

​Q. sir Insurance mein cover ho skta h kya ??

Ans. Not covered in insurance

​ Q. sir is bloodless surgery of gynecomastia possible

Ans. All surgery are bloodless, for making bloodless we use VASER which makes surgery bloodless. Our main aim to see that surgery should be bloodless, in gyno it is some amount of  fibrous tissue due to which bleeding occur.

​ Q. sir live surgery kriye

Ans. If I have to do surgery for one day then I will do live surgery. What you want to see in your live session tell me

​Q. ​sir massage ka video bnaiye please

Ans. I will make massage video on it so please wait for some time

  1. Q. ​sir many home pathic dr claim to resolve gynecomastia through medicine like R19

Ans. Yes you can take these medications if you get result. If you get cured by these medicines, then whole world will become lipoma and gyno free. Gynecomastia will not go by medicine according to science and medicine

​Q. sir apke pass electrosis machine ha jisse wite Hair removed hote ha

Ans. I don’t have electrolysis machine, we remove it by FUE technique

​ Q. sir gynocomastia surgery scars k liye koi acha cream hota hai kya ????

Ans. Take silicon based cream in case of any scars. We prescribe hexilal cream for scars.

​ Q. sir jab mera weight 85 kg tha tab mera gyenocemastia 3 stage mai tha but now my weight is 60 kg so my gyenocemastia looks like only puffiness to sir aap ke pass is traha k cases aye h

Ans. You tell what is the difference in your nipple areolar region, with weight loss,loose muscles formed and side fat goes. I know that near nipple areolar glandular tissue is there which will not go.

  1. sir further main after gyno surgery ke bad sexual life main dikat nahi hog

Only positive side effect is seen in your sexual life. Your sexual life will be better.

​Q. sir gyno surgry ke bad 1 baat sach hai feeling happy😁

I am also feeling very happy because of your happiness your result will be better

​Q. sir app apne clinic ka koi average cost range bata sakte ho

Contact our team for cost

​Q. sir sensuality of the nipples are intact after gynecomastia surgery

Ans. Sensation are altered for time being after that they recovered, no sensation will be loss in nipple.

​ Q. sir even after 8 days of surgery, swelling is there in the surrounding areas…m doing massage twice on daily basis ..medicine course of 1 week is also over…kindly guide what to do

Ans. Swelling will remain for first 2 week after that it will start reducing, you are expecting after 8 days to resolve swelling it will increase then it will subside

​ Q. Hexilak ultra सर ये जेल टांके के दांग हटाने के लीये लगा सकते हैं

Ans. You can use this gel after 14 days of your surgery when stitches are removed.

  1. sir apne kisi big name like male model Ka surgery kia hai kia

Ans. I feel proud for doing surgery of common and poor peoples like gym trainer. I feel proud of treating common person as celebrity

  1. sir liposuction ke time needle other organ ko damage kr sakta h ky

Ans, No, it will not be done by me. In my hand it will never happen , if you do from some untrained doctor it can happen

​Q. sir is gynochemestia allowed in NDA exam

Ans. Yes, they can temporaty rejetct you

  1. ​sir lipoma remove kraya h aaj,blood niklra,feeling nervous

Ans. There is nothing to fear, bleeding is minor it will recover

  1. ​hello sir, infiltration me konsa solution use kiya jata hai? aur gyno surgery ke meanwhile vo pura nikal jata hai ky?

Ans. We infiltrate ringer lactate with adrenaline and xylociane

​Q. sir compression vest ka size agar ek size chota ho is it ok for the chest because pressure will b more??

Ans, You can take size smaller size garment it will give more compression

  1. डॉक्टर साहब नमस्कार 🙏 मैं सुना हूं कि लाइपो सेक्शन कराने का बाद फिर से उस एरिया में फैट डिपॉजिट हो सकता है जब कि आपका कहना है क्यों परमानेंटली निकल जाता है कृपा करके विस्तार पूर्वक बताएं

Ans. Yes, fat can be deposited after liposuction. If you maintain it take normal diet and do normal activity  then fat will not be deposited. It depends on you how you maintain it. New aft cells are nor formed it will only formed if you not follow your diet and maintain healthy lifestyle.

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