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🔴LIVE 🔴Plastic Surgeon Dr Prashant Answers The Web’s Most Searched Questions

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH) director of Dezire clinic.  In this live session he talked about the most searched question on internet which is Dimple creation.  He explained the following things about dimple creation which is:

  1. What is dimple creation?

Dimple creation is a depression which is made in the angle of the mouth for a depth of 2 to 5 cm.  It is a sign of cuteness and beauty and this is naturally seen in 30 to 35% of people.  Dimple is the indentation in the skin which is a muscle known as zygomatic major which gets depresses and interdenation is seen which is known as dimple.

  1. How dimple is created?

Dimple creation is a simple surgery procedure which makes the smile more presentable, and this process is mostly done by females.  This process is done on one or both side of the cheek, mostly people demand for the left side.  Dimple enhances the sign of beauty, expression and youthfulness. This process is done under local anaesthesia, in this process a suture is made from the muscle to the dermis area. Initially they are static and after 3 to 4 weeks they become dynamic.

  1. What are the precautions to be taken after dimple creation?

You should not eat spicy food; smile wide because initially you will have some pain and discomfort and sometimes numbness. You will be prescribed some antibiotics and mouth gargles and initially you have to eat soft food.

Some of the common questions which were asked to him during the session were:

  1. salam.dr plz belly fat ka kuch bta deim

Ans. Liposuction is available for body contouring and body defining. Role of liposuction is changed now it hows become advanced, aesthetic, we can create six pack abs, hour glass. For reducing your belly fat you can go for liposuction with VASER.

  1. sir… meri mom ke knee ke niche pichle hisse me ek गांठ aya hai… o kya ho sakta hai aur uska ilaaj kya hai

Ans. If anyone has any lump in any part of their body, then you should go for sonography, USG because they are the simplest and cheapest procedure. After that you can go for FNAC, to confirm it further. You can WhatsApp us send our detail on whatsapp

  • Delhi – 9717470550
  • Pune – 9222122122
  • Bangalore- 8971224700
  • Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272
  1. Sir I have gyno of grade 3. how abt the loose skin n scar after the surgery.. can I expect good shape of pecks?? Plzz answer

Ans- In grade 3 gyno,  no skin excision is needed we do liposuction and gland excision. The aim is to reduce scar, you will get a good definition of your petcoralis major muscle so that it become more defined.

  1. sir gyno surgry se 8 ghante pahele kuch khana pina nahi kar sakte hai kya?

Ans. Fasting is only needed for six hours before gyno surgery.

  1. can a dermatologist and screen specialist give the best result of gynecomastia?

Ans. Yes, they can give the best result of Gynecomastia.

  1. sir mere hat pe 10-12bade lipoma aur kuch bahut chote hai to kya kaise kre chote bahut jyada hai

Ans. If you have small and big lipoma, you can remove those big lipomas which you want and which bothers you. As lipoma is benign tumour harmless and doesn’t cause any harm. If you made your mind and finically stable remove 10-12 lipoma at a time.

  1. I’m back …..sir ek question hai ki army hospital mai gynocomastia ka surgery kaise hota hai any idea ???

Ans. I have not much idea about army surgery. As it is cosmetic surgery procedure  they have lot of work load such as  reconstructive surgery, trauma they don’t have much exposure to cosmetic surgery procedure. I am a big support of resident, they work hard a lot and they are very committed

​Q. sar mujhe surgery karvana hai aap se Delhi mein November me

AnsYes, you are most welcome for the surgery

​Q. can i trust army hospital ?

Ans. Anyone who has worked in hospitals cannot be compared to any type of surgeons because they do lot of surgeries within a day. You can trust army hospital.

  1. hi sir, buccal fat pad remove krane k bad old look to nahi ata kuch surgeons bolte h ki gaunt look ata h

Ans. You will not look old after your buccal fat removal.

  1. sir in worst case and highest cost of gynaecomastia Kitna ho sakta hai?

Ans. For cost WhatsApp us on

  • Delhi – 9717470550
  • Pune – 9222122122
  • Bangalore- 8971224700
  • Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272
  1. gyno firse ho sakta hai kya

Ans. Gyno does not recur because the glands are completely removed in gyno.

  1. sir how is the result of gynecomastia 4th grade age 50yrs

Ans. Don’t think that you are old, 50 years is not counted as old age.  There is no problem with procedure and you should be medically fit for it. We will customise your treatment according to grade and you will get good result.

  1. sir gynocometiya sarjry me blood chek aap ke yaha hota hai

Ans.We do blood check up here before Gynecomastia surgery but you can get your blood check-up done from any other place also.

  1. sir I am recovering… Day 2 – now the pain is almost gone.. stiffness is there which will go with the time.. but feeling much better then yesterday.. Will remove the bandage tomorrow..

Ans. Yes, we will remove the bandage tomorrow,  after that you will able to see yourself in mirror from tomorrow. When you see first time that you are gyno free then you will feel definitely good after removing dressing your tension will be less.

  1. what about the pain after surgery

Ans. There will be mild pain and discomfort after surgery, after surgery a mild fluid discharge.  We give strong a painkillers for pain there is no need to worry about the surgery we will  do everything for you.

  1. me aap ke yaha blood chakp karna chahun ga

Ans. You can come here we will arrange the lab person for you to get your blood test done

  1. sir mera forhead pe 2 scar hain accidental

Ans. Scar can be initially treated by cream, silicone based gel sheet or cream works best for initial scars. Initially if there is any injury then scars are formed. If you get cut let wound to heal as it heal properly the scar will be less formed its edges will be formed. The option available for forehead scar reduction are scar excision, derma roller, CO2 excision procedure.

  1. Namaste Sirji, gyno kuch hour ki surgery hai, par dressing third day nikalate hai to hame 4 din rukna padega ky?

Ans.Gynecomastia is day care procedure you will discharge on same day. You don’t need to stay, after 3rd day you can remove your dressing by yourself. You can whatsapp us and send us the pic.

​Q. Looking for nose reshaping

Ans. Nose reshaping is known as rhinoplasty, we do nose reshaping,. In this bone, cartilage height  deviated nasal septum is treated. Initially there is downtime. It has to be customized. You send your front and side pic from your nose

  1. can gyno come again after surgery

Ans. No gyno cannot come after surgery because once the glands are removed it will not recur again.

  1. sir, gynecomastia surgery ke liye kitne din pahle appointment lena padega

Ans. For this you have consult with our team and they will guide you with it. You have to do your booking prior to the surgery.

Q.sir i have flat plain mole like melanoma , can it removed by rfa. Will it reoccur again after treatment?

Ans. Melaonma and mole are different. Mole is benign and melonama are cancerous, we have to do biopsy to diagnose melanoma. Radiofrequency can remove mole after which it cannot recur, because we remove the mole to its whole depth.

  1. sir can gyncomestia cause of depression and stress

Ans. Gynecomastia can cause severe stress and mild to moderate stress. Males become very conscious because of their chest size and they become very depressed due to it. If you suffer from it then come for surgery, after that you will never face it

​ Q. post gyno results

Ans. Proper masculine shape of the chest is formed

  1. can strech marks be cured…?

Ans. stretch mark can be improved and its appearance can be made better by laser therapy and  PRP.

  1. sir 100% satisfied milega after gyno surgery

Ans. It is very difficult to satisfy anyone because there is nothing in this world with which anyone can be 100% satisfied.

  1. can it is possible to do three procedy gyno, abdomen liposuction and face fat grafting

Ans. Face fat grafting can be done on face for this we can use fillers in lips and chin area. If there is some depression then we transfer fat. Gyno can be done and abdominal liposuction and recovery phase is prolonged. We can do multiple procedure, if we asses we can do it one time or not. If the procedure is not big we can do it in one time and first you have to evaluate it.

 Q.sir mujhe kitna din rehana hoga.. operation k bad.. gyno surgery k liye.

Ans. It’s a day care procedure no need to stay

  1. What not to eat after gynecomestria surgery?

Ans. You can eat anything after gynecomastia and there are no diet restrictions. Initially you have to  take liquids after that you can eat anything. Don’t eat oily food

  1. sir mujhe sirf gland remove korna…hai

Ans. If we have to remove gland, if you think only gland it is needed to remove without diagnosis then we will remove gland. There will be no problem but there will be problem if surrounding fat is there. Fat is important to remove, if you are lean thin then no need to remove fat

  1. strech marks all over biceps, will it go….will skin become clear as new

Ans. We will 50 to 70 percent improve stretch marks, it will not be noticeable. Skin will be clear .

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