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📺Live 📺Plastic surgeon 🔴 Q&A With Dr Prashant Yadav @DezireClinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions which were asked during live session were:

  1. Hey doc I am about joint gym from 1st should I come first so that you can take a look cause from my hand everything is fine.

Ans. You have recovered got better shape; you can come to our any of our centre.  Take prior appointment before coming

​ Q. six pack app ki sergery ko kitna maintain karana padata hai

Ans. If you undergo any surgery, active lifestyle and healthy lifestyle is needed to maintain it, healthy diet and exercise will definitely help in it. If u will be active result will be better and better

  1. sir mein gym karta hun meri body mein Kat nhi aarha h only fat ho raha

Ans. We have VASER 4D hi-def liposuction for you, which does abdominal etching which defines the muscles. Contact on our numbers, come for personal consultation in our clinic, we have to asses visceral fat and subcutaneous fat in your body then we will give the best suggestion for you.

  1. ​sir mere gyno ki ki surgry aapne 20 September ko ki hai chest massage kabse strat karna padega

Ans. After your dressing is removed you can start  doing massage.  You have to do  massage in circular motion with oil and  moisturizer containing aloe vera it with help in faster recovery.

  1. sir is general anesthesia safe or not

Ans. General anaesthesia is safe if done by experienced doctor. We have all pickup, good quality machine are there. We have anaesthetist who came for giving general anesthesia.

  1. ​sir what is the difference between general anesthesia and local anesthesia

Ans. Local anaesthesia works on specific body part whichever is required and general anaesthesia will make whole body unconscious.

  1. sir aap gyno surgery ke time anesthesia injection chest me lagate hai

Ans. First we give sedation for relieving from anxiety and make  you feel sleepy. Then we inject tumescent solution we consist xylocaine and adrenaline. After that we start the procedure, our aim is to make you pain free and give you good result

  1. ​sir during the surgery of gynecomastia liposuction is necessary?

Ans. In selective cases we do gland removal without liposuction. We have to see each individual body structure their requirement, how much is the quantity of fat, according to this we will give the best possible solution.

​​Q. gynocomastia ke surgery ke baad skin luse ho jate he Kya grand3 me

Ans . It depends on every individual skin type, with time the loose skin also tightens. If  the skin is loose we can do skin excision also, don’t go in detail about skin excision,  don’t think about skin excision the best is that we can wait after that we can do skin excision.

​ Q. sir gynocomestia surjary ke liye agar hm aapke pass hi blood test karate h to kitne din me report aata h

Ans. You will get report within one to two hours after surgery

  1. I am from arunachal if i want to get a surgery in delhi for how many days i have to stay there

Ans. You plan to saty atleast three days there

  1. Q. ​grade 2 local anisthesia m kr skte h kya

Ans. Yes, we can do grade 2 under local anesthesua

  1. sir grade 2 me achhi shape a jati h ya nahi?… or han ab aap sir same jagah se hi liposuction or fat nikal rhe h koi problem to nahi hogi

Ans. You can get good shape in grade 2. Gyno is 100% effective permanent and definitive treatment. You don’t think so negative its complications and risk factors our aim is safety and result. The concept is not make many puncture we can remove it without making single scar. We get good access there from where fat and glands are removed. Every surgeon has difference preference and machine, our aim is to make minimum scar and get the best  shape.

​Q. gyno surgery k liye sir kitna din stay karna padega

Ans. You can plan to stay for 2-3 days, next day we can change your dressing after that youcan go

  1. do you completely remove the gland or save 10% of gland??

Ans. If skin is very loose and have stretch marks then glandular tissue is present along with fat, for this we remove some part of fat which is normal. it is the normal tissue which remains there but I  remove the complete gland

  1. sir grade kase phchane ek video bnaiye

Ans. You can go google image there you will get simon classification of Gynecomastia.You will get the image and know which grade u are having.

Q, ​sir best urology in Hyderabad plz say

Ans. You message us I will give u no of my friend no.

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​ Q. Nipple reduction procedure

Ans. In this procedure the extra nipple is removed, size of the nipple is reduced

  1. Q. ​do you remove chest muscles.. like my chest is well built and having grade 2 gyno

Ans. We don’t remove chest muscle, we only remove fat and the glands. If possible we will show you by 3D motion. Muscles have no relation with gynecomastia, gyno aim is to remove fat and glandular tissue. You will get a better shape

  1. ​sir, I am army soldier, 40-50 lipoma surgery ki appointment, kab aur kaise leni padegi, kitne dino tak surgery ki date milegi. Fit hone me kitne din lag jayenge

Ans, Yes, we can remove 40-50 lipoma in one surgery. Contact us on our number you send  by WhatsApp your details, you  will get every details about the treatment. 1-2 days rest is sufficient, you don’t need to take much rest

  1. Sir puchhna tha kisi ldki ka hand face or body jal gya h to skin khrab hogya h to meko ye Janna tha ki palastic surgery krke sahi krte h kya skin ko

Ans. If it is  acid burn, or normal burn we can do multiple treatment on face. Depend whether you want to go for laser treatment or graft treatment, you send your detail on our number. we have to first evaluate and asses what treatment can be I don’t gibe unrelasitic promise

  1. sir me apko me apni pic dikana chahta hu mene pune wale no me send kia tha kya pta apne deka ki kise or ne

Ans. My team will guide u about everything, they will coordinate with u

  1. hi doctor! how much does it cost for 350cc silicon implants .. I’m mtf trans now 6months in HRT

Ans. I will promise to give you very competitive cost for breast quality of implant. Drop a message we will give you the details

  • Delhi – 9717470550
  • Pune – 9222122122
  • Bangalore- 8971224700
  • Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272
  1. Q. ​sir weight loss kiye to gynicomastia aur kharab dikta hai.

Ans. Many patient for hiding their chest they increase their tummy. If weight loss is there chest looks bigger and become more noticeable,

  1. Q. ​Hello sir.. I used to go office through bike (travel time 10min). Can I continue after surgery?

Ans. Yes u can travel back, after 24 hr u can ride bike, drive car bike, there is no restriction of any activity

  1. ​Sir kya seroma nipple se apne ap nekal sakta h kya

Ans.Fluid collection is very common after gyno, we have to remove it

  1. ek baar lipoma remove hona ka baad dobara toh nai aaya ga ..?

Ans. Lipoma doesn’t occur again if completely removes

  1. ​I’ve messaged you but couldn’t get any reply

Ans. You can drop message I will see it personally

  1. Q. ​सर मेरी गायनोकोमेस्टीया सरजरी को 2साल हो गये फीर भी पेन होता है

Ans. After surgery there is no chances of pain, u can come to our clinic we can check u can come here

  1. can areol size be reduced

Ans. Yes, we can reduce the areola size

  1. can you talk about breast implants a little bit? you’re very knowledgeable I love your live sessions

I don’t know whether I am knowledgeable or not but  I am humble and wants to break the myth. That’s why all people are supporting and liking our live sessions. Breast implant is very subjective it is more of subjective thing, it is basically psychological things

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