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Live 📺 Talk To Plastic Surgeon Dr Prashant Yadav @Dezire Clinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the  questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions which were asked during live session were

  1. sir please explain about j-plasma

Ans. J-plasma is made for skin tightening. It has not given that much benefit as promised, it has not shown good result. At the end they have got practical result from it. This machine acts limits, VASER does very good skin retraction no other additional technique and device is needed apart from it. At the end surgeon hand is most important.

​Q. doctor Nagpur ma app ka clinic ha kya

Ans. I don’t have any clinic in Nagpur, I have clinic in Pune. You can come to Pune centre from Nagpur

​Q. gynecomastia kise pe ta chalta hai

Ans. Gynecomastia is not a disease and it is also not a life threatening disease, it is only a simple cosmetic deformity. If you notice bulge, increase in diameter of areola, skin excess and sagging is there are chances of Gynecomastia. If you feel lump and you are having some pain and the bulge is more these are signs of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is rapidly growing due to lifestyle problem, males are more conscious about cosmetic surgery

​Q. sir in your recently uploaded videos of gynaecomastia we can see another hole below the breast tissues..what/why is that.. because we never saw in earlier videos…. is that also closed by stitches.

Ans. In Gynecomastia surgery, incision is mainly made below the peri-areolar region. If I make side incision only when I have to do abdominal  liposuction along with Gynecomastia. For removing gland I make incision near areola, side incision help me it gives easy excess and its gets easy for place drain. I don’t make it bigger; I only make it to a depth for passing the cannula.

​Q.​Buccal fat pad removal cost? cost is my priority 😔

Ans. My priority is not the cost, for cost we need to contact my team.  Don’t feel offended by this.

​ Q. can you make me bigger down there? ​you do penus enlargement?

Ans. Penile enlargement lengths the penis increase in girth. To increase length we do ligament procedure in which 2-3 cm length is increased. To increase girth we do fat transfer to penile region. They are lot of men who have large amount of penis fat. They are one day procedure for more information you can contact our team

  1. सर् मुझे नाक की सर्जरी करानी है कुछ बताये इसकी बारे में।कितना टाइम ख़र्चा

Ans. We do rhinoplasty, nose surgery, to correct the deviated nose , straighten the nose, correct the depressed nose.  This is 3-4 hours procedure done under general anaesthesia, if we do nose remodelling we put a plaster for 1 week. You will not have any future problem due to this

  1. sir, why there is increasing rate of gyno in today’s generation

Ans. Because of today lifestyle  and the young generation are more addicted towards alcohol , steroid use, marjuna, heroine use, it has lot of side effects other than Gynecomastia. When estrogen level increases the breast the more breasts will be grown  and it will appear bigger in size

  1. buccal fat ke bare me kuch bataiye

Ans. Buccal fat procedure is done under local anaesthesia, it is very simple procedure. You will sometimes feel pain, nerves will activate pain is normal. We spread the buccinator muscle which has got buccal fat and removeit.

  1. grade 3 me skin lose ke Chan’s kitna rehta he

Ans. It depends on the quality of your skin. With only liposuction  and gland removal good results are seen after Gynecomastia surgery

  1. Q. is there any natural way for growing /enlarging male boobs

Ans. There are lot of ointments available for male boobs, You apply ointment, you will not get result. The best treatment of choice is only implants.

  1. sir vest is so tight i had surgery 4 days back at dezire banga

Ans. The more it tight your vest will be , it is good for you and give you the best result. If it more tight than don’t wear compression garment. Initially body needs time to adapt. You can bear it for some days.

  1. Sir, if Gynecomastia and Liposuction dono procedure dono ek saath ho to general anesthesia dia jata hai kya

Ans. They can be done together under general anesthesia and you don’t need to worry about general anesthesia because it is safe of done by professional and expert, you will not have any pain.

  1. can mole can be removed in the forehead area

Ans. Mole can be  removed in the forehead area by  radiofrequency treatment,. It is a  short procedure done under local anaesthesia

  1. sar mene sarjari karbai thi lekin sar mere left nipal se 1 bund pani ki tara kuch nikle 10 din ho gaye or shab thik he sar sar koi paresani to nahi hogi sar

Ans. Now, you have completed only 10 days of your surgery but within one month you will be completely heal

  1. cant lift hands sir

Ans. You can lift your hand gradually, and do massage in the surrounding region

  1. Aap kitne surgery krte hai month me

Ans. I don’t count it, you can count video then you can tell us. I will tell that in upcoming days I will do more no of surgeries

  1. Dr. Surgery ke baad niple ka shape normal rahega ya usmai kuch change ho sakta hai

Ans. There will be positive change in your nipple, good change will be there which will make you happy

  1. Is there any relation between Obesity and hairfall?

Ans. Lot of factor affect hair fall such as stress, DHT, biotin, iron, genetic, thyroid  these are risk factor. As our stress is increasing  the incidence of hair fall is increasing. For  male- the most important hormone is  5-dht is very important

  1. Thanks sar yahi puc na tha baki Thanks sar sab thik he

Ans. Hope you  recovered well. Please share your feedback with others also

  1. sir gyno m jo fat bdha jata around use kese fix kra jayega?

Ans.  We remove fat by VASER liposuction

​Q. I have around 15 lipomas in my hand but not that huge..please tell me how can we proceed . do you need to do any checks before the procedure?

Ans. Lipoma treatment is one day procedure, we can remove your 15 lipomas in a day and after that you can go back to your home

​Q. sir tell me…grade1 ka gyno ke fat or puffyness thik ho jayegi?

Ans. When fat and gland is removed puffiness is removed then you will be free from gynecomastia problem

​ Q.chest surgery belly surgery

My team will guide for this. They will guide you in every single thing you need

  1. Q. sir i am feared or have low esteem because of my village background…..can you convience me for gyno surgery….here people think its obvious and no one knows it

Ans. If u feel you are from village, is impractical, don’t think like that. Farmers are backbone of India. I Know in village people will bully you; they will not allow u for surgery. But you have decide, you can try to convince your parents or I will talk to your parents. Parents will only think about your betterment

  1. gyno….i m soldier but gyno problem deikat aa rahi hai aur 1 month me recover hona chahte 1 month se jayda time ni rehta hamare pass….soldier hard pata hota kitna hota hai….side effect ni hoga?

Ans. Recently I have done lot of surgeries of army personnel, doctors will tell not to go for surgery but surgery is the only corrective option for Gynecomastia. You will recover within one month. It has no major side effect and life threatening result

  1. Sir lipoma remove kar ne ke bad kya ata hai firse

Ans. Lipoma is one time procedure; it will not recur again once it is removed. You can contact our team for lipoma removal

  1. mene yah ape ek doctor ne dikhaya mera chest to wo bol rae hai ki garam pani se sek kro…..or davayi di….maine davayi bi ni li…or shek bi ni kiya…kyunki mai janta hu operation krwana padega

If every problem is removed by warm water then tomorrow will be obesity free world. Medicine will be there, you try to share your problem with your parents, they will listen to you. If not, then you can tell them to talk to me

  1. Yes sir,…you are saying right. Can I come alone for the surgery?

If you are coming alone for surgery then , we have to arrange things for you, you contact our team and give prior information.

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