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Some people discover a lump or mild protrusions developing under the skin. It may feel like a knot or knots of fat beginning to accumulate in that area. These lumps or knots are known as Lipomas.

Lipomas can be formed anywhere on the body & males or females both are susceptible to them. Though they can occur anywhere on the body.

Lipomas grow very slowly & are generally known to be benign hence they tend to be neglected. On touch the Lipoma feels very soft, something like rubber. It is an ellipsoid or oval protrusion around 2 inches in diameter. Some may even grow to have a diameter in excess of 4 inches. Analysis of the past cases reveals that people in the age group of 40 – 60 years are more susceptible to developing Lipomas.

Causes & Symptoms:-

The exact cause of a Lipoma has not been established. However, it’s been found to be hereditary or an individual suffering from it might have some other family member who would have suffered from it earlier. Thus genetic factors also do play a role in its development.

If there is a swelling on any part of your body which has been recently discovered and is bothering you, it could be a Lipoma. It is usually non-cancerous & is not painful. In case one sees a rapid and accelerated growth in the size of the lump development or if the lump is painful then a visit to a surgeon’s/doctor’s clinic is a must.

Lipoma is cancerous?

Lipomas are almost always benign. It means that they have been found to be non-cancerous.


Before starting the treatment, it is imperative to establish with absolute certainty the disease/disorder/medical condition that one is suffering from. A Lipoma moves when pressed. The doctor can diagnose a Lipoma via a physical examination.

Corrective Procedure:-

Surgery is the most extensively preferred remedial measure which is opted to correct or eliminate a Lipoma. Surgery is performed in the flow mentioned below.

For the surgery, first, the skin zone where Lipoma has developed is marked. Local anaesthesia is administered. Thereafter a small incision is made. Through this incision, a small metal tube(cannula) which is connected with drain pipes, is inserted. The material or the fat constituting the lump is broken from within by the to and fro movement, it is melted and collected in glass jars via a suction technique. For more detailed description kindly go through our YouTube Channel Dr. Prashant Yadav’s Lipoma treatment


It involves one single sitting and the duration of the surgery depends on the size of the lump. There is no hospital stay required. It’s a walk-in, walk-out kind of a surgery.

After Surgery:-

The incision is closed & dressing up is done. Antibiotics & ointments are prescribed. Strenuous activity needs to be avoided for around a week. However one can return to work within 2 days after allowing time for the area to dry up.

Any side-effects:-

Usually, there are no major side effects observed or reported. There could be swelling, redness, itching in/around the treated area. Medicines are given to counter these effects & quicken the healing enabling the area to dry up soon.

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