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Is laser hair removal for everyone?

Getting soft supple & flawless skin is dream to everyone and advanced technology has made it very easy for everyone. Laser hair removal is a high-tech procedure which removes unwanted hair and gives desired quality skin for few months or permanently to some candidates. It has the tendency to remove unwanted hair from any of the body you part.

Earlier people with dark complexion and hard hair couldn’t get the benefit of this treatment only people with light complexion used to take advantage of this. But with advancement in technology has made it available for everyone one with any skin colour and hair type. People with tanned or dark complexion too can get the benefit of this treatment now. Though there are still few things you need to keep in mind before getting this treatment done.

  • Don’t dye or colour your hair before getting this treatment.
  • Don’t shave before laser hair removal.
  • Avoid sun tan to keep skin as light as possible.

There is no restriction with any skin colour be it light or dark, at Dezire Clinic, Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S., MC.H.) has his name in the cosmetic world with his expertise and knowledge. He’ll assess your condition and recommend you the number of sittings required even if you cannot stand for the good candidacy he’ll honestly say no to those very politely. As people with skin problems like eczema, Rosacea, etc. cannot stand for this treatment are not the good candidates.

The procedure involved is very simple cool gel will be applied on the targeted area to avoid any burn or irritation during the procedure. At Dezire Clinic we use CANDULA and DIODE lasers, both are FDA approved lasers to remove hair permanently. It targets the hair follicle and destroys hair roots leaving smooth and supple skin for a few months or permanently depending on the number of sessions one takes. To get a clear picture of the respected treatment schedule you consultation with Dr. Prashant Yadav today which is free of cost, he’ll answer all your queries with patience and experience.

There can be mild rashes or irritation post the procedure which subsidies within hours or days. You can apply ice pack or prescribed ointment to relieve the symptoms if any. The results take few sessions to appear completely, and if you want a permanent solution you need to follow the number of sessions recommended by the doctor strictly.

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