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Is it possible to get the fat back after undergoing a liposuction procedure?


Are you constantly focused on dieting and gyming to get rid of that unwanted stubborn fat and your efforts did not get you any noticeable changes then fat removal surgery liposuction is the only solution to your problem. You can see the exact results you want from the liposuction procedure. Liposuction is a fat removal procedure where pockets of unwanted fat can easily be removed from body parts like arms, thighs, chin, stomach etc. There are so many products and procedures available in the market that promise to get rid of fat instantly and in such a case it becomes important to know whether liposuction surgery is a permanent fat removal method or just another hoax.

After your liposuction surgery Fat Can’t Grow Back

In the procedure of liposuction Dr. Prashant uses a narrow tube which is known as cannula to melt down the fat cells from the specific area and after melting them these fat cells are removed from your body. With the help of liposuction our surgeon has removed fat from body parts like stomach, thighs, arms, underarms, buttocks and chin area. After fat removal these areas become more pleasing aesthetically. After the removal of fat cells with the help of liposuction, there is no way that those taken fat cells will come back because adults have a fixed amount of fat cells present in their body. But the remaining fat cells in our body can grow and shrink according to changes in our weight.

It is seen in some people that after their liposuction procedure on a problematic area, say abdomen, the fat in the body starts to get stored in some new area, say thigh. This situation occurs if after your liposuction procedure you do not try to make changes in your lifestyle and keep consuming high calorie food on a daily basis. In liposuction procedure not all the fat cells are removed from the body and few fat cells are left there for a better looking aesthetic. If you do not take good care of your body and keep gaining unnecessary weight then these fat cells that have not been removed will enlarge but because most of the fat cells have been removed, there won’t be much fat accumulated in those areas.

What to do after your liposuction to maintain the results from your procedure?

As you can see, maintaining your weight after liposuction is essential if you want to enjoy your sculpted results for as long as possible. After your operation, Dr. Prashant Yadav advises you to maintain a regular exercise schedule and eat a balanced diet. You’ll probably discover that after witnessing your own significant transformation, you’re more inspired to follow a balanced diet and exercise frequently.

What is the cost of Liposuction surgery in the Dezire clinic?

The cost of liposuction procedure in our clinic is decided by various factors such as the patient’s overall weight, height, expected results, the technique used for the procedure, the anaesthesia used for your surgery. To get an estimated cost of your surgical procedure you can call our team of medical counsellors who are always there to help you regarding your procedure related queries.

Why is Dezire clinic the Best clinic for your liposuction procedure in India?

Are you worried about your various cosmetic issues? Dezire Clinic has long been regarded as one of the most reliable facilities for surgical and cosmetic operations. To provide our customers with an unrivalled experience, we only employ the greatest tools and technologies. For our patients’ safety, Dezire is renowned for upholding a high degree of hygiene. To guarantee that working with us would be pleasant for you, we maintain confidentiality in all aspects of our work. We are located in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Bangalore, five of India’s largest cities. To schedule your free consultation, contact us by phone at 9717470550 or by email at

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