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How to Wash Head after Hair Transplant

Wet your head with a bowl of cool water or with a gentle stream of cool water from the shower.
For first 3 days we advise to wash head twice daily with shaving foam and after that with baby shampoo twice daily for first 3 weeks.

Pat the foam or shampoo on the transplanted area gently. Do not rub. You may scrub any area that does not have any graft including the sutured line. Wash your hair in this manner for 10 days
Rinse off shampoo with a lot of cool water or a gentle stream of cool water from the shower.
Pat dry your hair gently with a towel (do not rub) or with a cool blower if desired.

After ten days, you should start to moderately rub the grafted area while it is moist, to remove any remaining scabs. (Never pick at the scabs while they are dry). As you remove the scabs in this way, the accompanying hair may also fall out with them, but the hair roots will remain behind. This is normal, and should not alarm you. New hair growth will begin after 90-120 days.

It is common to have itchiness at the donor or grafted area. If this occurs, apply a few drops of pure olive oil (obtainable from the supermarket) onto these areas 3-4 times a day. Remember, never pick at scabs while they are dry.

Improper Hairwash Affects Graft Survival

For best hair transplant results, all post procedure care are taken at dezire clinic. A transplanted hair needs 7 days to re-establish blood supply. It is very fragile in first 7 days, easily damaged. Improper hair wash will have an adverse effect on the graft survival and final outcome.

Good Hair Wash Is An Important Part of Our Protocol

After the transplant you will be provided detailed post procedure instructions. All our staff are trained by Dr Prashant yadav and Dr Hema yadav how to wash hair for the patients. The next day after hair transplant, we will demonstrate how to do it yourself at home.


Scabs are the tiny bit of skin tissue carried by the transplanted hair. The scabs first appear as red dots over the scalp right after the procedure. Over the next few days the scabs will dry up as brown crust over the recipient sites.

Proper and regular will easily remove scabs. We will teach you how to do it. If left alone, the scalp may look unsifghtly and also become itchy.

Recommended Shampoo

Using improper shampoo may damage the newly transplanted grafts. Amongst all we recommend the neutral ph Shampoo like baby shampoo. From our experience this is safe to use straight after your procedure.

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