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How Safe is Laser Therapy for you? What is laser treatment?

laser treatment

Laser therapy has long been used to treat a variety of dermatological and aesthetic conditions, whether you want to get rid of age spots, wrinkles, unwanted hair, or to lessen the appearance of leg and facial veins. We use a wide variety of laser procedures at the Dezire clinic to treat a variety of aesthetic and cosmetic health issues. But you might be asking if laser therapy is indeed risk-free and if it works to treat unpleasant skin conditions and cosmetic problems. Thankfully, many patients can benefit from laser treatments for skin today because it is extremely safe and highly effective. But let’s look more closely at the safety and efficiency of laser therapy down below.

How safe are laser treatments for you?

The use of laser therapy is very safe. The likelihood of serious side effects has greatly decreased as a result of recent technological and medical advancements in laser treatments. The vast majority of the time, the only adverse effects our patients see are minor swelling or discomfort in the vicinity of the laser-treated skin. Such puffiness or pain typically subsides after a few hours. Bruising might also emerge, but it usually disappears in less than a week. Following our surgeon’s advice will also lessen the possibility of adverse effects developing.

You might have a mild heating or tingling sensation during the actual laser treatment, however the majority of our patients say that this sensation is not uncomfortable. Although the sensation may occasionally resemble a minor stinging or burning, it is extremely uncommon for individuals to need anaesthetics during laser treatment. Furthermore, DCD, a cooling technique that safeguards the epidermis of the targeted skin, is used in conjunction with our pulse dye laser therapy to further protect your skin.

Do laser treatments actually work for your specific concerns?

Although laser therapy may seem like a fictional concept, it actually works quite well to cure a variety of ailments. A powerful light beam used in laser therapy targets particular cells. Although most people can utilise laser treatment to address unwanted hair removal, skin blemishes, wrinkles, leg and face veins, acne, and even tattoos, its real effectiveness and permanence can rely on the particular patient being treated. Although we do provide effective laser hair removal treatment for patients with darker skin types, for example, laser hair removal often works better on people who have lighter complexion and darker hair. 

What to do after your laser treatments?

Additionally, actions you take in the days, weeks, months, and years after your visit to our office can have a significant impact on how effective your laser therapy is. The effectiveness of laser treatments, particularly those used to cure age spots and sun damage, can be increased by taking precautions against sun exposure, which will not only assist to protect your skin. To achieve the best outcomes, always ask for advice from your practitioner both before and after treatment.


Today’s laser therapy is not only very efficient but also exceedingly safe, especially when contrasted with other options like surgery and prescription drugs. The Dezire clinic has the experience and credentials required to make laser treatment the ideal alternative for your individual aesthetic and cosmetic demands.

Are you looking for various laser treatments in India?

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