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Hair Transplant in Thergaon Pune

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I have had hair transplantation operation at 02/01/2017 in Pune Maharastra With Doctor Prashant Yadav My surgery went very good, there was no pain at all (except local anesthesia for the first 10 mins)
I had received 4250 grafts.
At the second day after operation i came back to the Dezire clinic to take off the bandages and do the first washing in the Dezire Clinic, they thought me everything about washing and cleaning the transplanted area and the back area and they gave me special lotion and shampoo to keep using them for the next 15 days at least.
everything went very good and i am very happy with my results, and i will be glad to share my results with you. Thank Doctor Prashant Yadav


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