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Gynecomastia Surgery result | Dezire clinic

Do you want to know about Before and after gynecomastia results? What can you expect from your Gynecomastia surgery?

Many guys have suffered from the agonizing condition of gynecomastia. A man’s chest might look like a woman’s because of the disease. This leads to severe problems including underdeveloped confidence, a drop in self-esteem, and losing the interest of a possible female companion. The primary cause of gynecomastia is an unnaturally high level of the female hormone estrogen in your body. The characteristics of female sexuality and beauty are caused by estrogen. When estrogen increases in the body, it will lead to an unusual growth of fat and glandular tissues in a man’s chest.

When should you think about having gynecomastia surgery?

  • If you feel self-conscious about the way your chest looks.
  • You desire the freedom to dress whatever you like, including removing your shirt at will.
  • If exercise and nutrition adjustments did not improve your problems.
  • Prescription drugs did not provide you with the outcomes you desired.
  • Your gynecomastia is far too severe to be managed by self-diagnosis.

How is gynecomastia surgery performed?

  • Before your procedure, you must talk to your surgeon about your options, expectations, and medical background.
  • A full blood count test may be required to determine your level of surgical readiness and the origin of your gynecomastia.
  • A few times, surgeons will employ laser liposuction to remove the breast tissues that will be melted with the help of the heat generated by the laser rays.
  • Through the incisions made around the nipples, they implant a suction device to remove fat.
  • Additionally, if there is too much fat or tissue, your doctor could conduct an excision. If you have glandular tissue that will also be removed with the help of the excisions that are made around your nipples at the beginning of the procedure. 

How should you care for yourself following surgery?

  • Continue to wear the compression garment after first covering the wound with a dressing.
  • Steer clear of heavy lifting and other intense exercises.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol after your surgery since it may slow down your recovery.
  • To soothe your body after surgery, eat meals high in nutrients and get plenty of rest.

What happens after a gynecomastia procedure?

You will see improvements right away after the operation thanks to the “on-table” outcomes but it will take some time until your chest looks normal and the swelling goes down. Following the healing time, you are free to dress the way you like, and no one will ever know that you have undergone chest surgery.

Why choose dezire clinic for your Gynecomastia surgery?

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