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How Is Gynecomastia Surgery Performed In India

Gynecomastia is actually carried out by using local anaesthesia or intravenous sedation which comes under general anaesthesia. Our expert, Dr. Prashant Yadav will recommend you that which is the best treatment for you during your consultation for gynecomastia session.

In minimal scarring technique, our doctor will firstly create an incision after that they will insert special can  in the incision, leading to the loosing of fat from the surrounded tissue in the breast. After that fat is taken out.

Having an elastic skin will be easy to surgery.  Elastic skin stimulate healing process. If one has not so elastic skin, it happens with the people who has extra enlarged breast or with elderly people, then they need additional surgery to skim off the skin.

Once the incision has bandaged, an elastic garment is wrapped around it, so that it can avoid swelling and hold the new chest contours. After Gynecoamstia Surgery is over, our doctor will examines you day after your surgery. This process is done to avoid any complications.

To knowhow much does gynecomastia surgery cost  please fill the form on & mail your chest pictures to our email address.

Sandeep M Sawant

[dt_sc_testimonial image=”″ name=”Sandeep M Sawant” role=”Kolhapur”]  I went today on recommendation of my friend at  beautiful Dezire Clinic to check with  Doctor Prashant Yadav if he could correct  the significant asymmetry of my chest with some of his amazing, nature based,Gynecomastia Teatment.

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