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Gynecomastia surgery Delhi

Masculine chest is liked by every man as that makes him feel good about his aesthetics and boosts confidence of the person, but the opposite of that can results in low confidence and self-esteem as saggy and fatty chest looks like a breast and to get a masculine chest back a simple Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi can help and the best place to get it done is the Dezire Clinic.

What are man boobs or Gynecomastia?

Man boobs or Gynecomastia is a medical issue in which the chest area of the male person gets distorted and the shape of chest area starts appearing like a female’s breast area.

Why Gynecomastia happens?

The reason behind getting this condition given by the experts are numerous but the most significant one is about the imbalance of the hormones in the human body. In a male person Testosterone hormone is the reason behind the masculine changes in the body and the same male body contains some amount of estrogen as well which is a female hormone and when the production of the female hormone is more than the required need then this condition starts surfacing and affecting the male’s body.

Can exercise helps in eliminating Gynecomastia?

Doing exercise would be a great option to burn the unwanted fat around the chest area but that would only lower the amount of fat around the chest area and the breast gland which is present inside the chest area can’t be eliminated by the exercise as surgical removal is the only method which can remove the Gynecomastia and gives you a breast gland free chest area.

How Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi is done?

Man boobs surgery at the Dezire Clinic, Delhi is done by Dr. Prashant Yadav by following the mentioned steps:

  • First, the condition of the patient is analyzed and then the required markings are given to the chest area.
  • Now, it’s time for either General or local anesthesia which is to be given to the patient.
  • Fine incisions are made around his chest areolar region and then a cannula is inserted which fills the area with a liquid to liquefy the fat.
  • VASER probe is inserted and then the unwanted fat from the area is removed.
  • After that by enlarging the incisions the breast gland from the chest is removed.

Recovery tips after Gynecomastia surgery:

  • Try to take 3-4 day rest meanwhile avoid driving a car.
  • Avoid doing workouts for about 3-4 weeks.
  • Take proper medications as advised by the surgeon.
  • Wear compression garment given by the surgeon to avoid any fluid collection.

Why choose Dezire Clinic?

Masculine chest can easily get by the person if a Gynecomastia an expert surgeon needs to be chosen and at the Dezire Clinic you will be treated by the best cosmetic surgeon in India Dr. Prashant Yadav who is as Indian board certified plastic surgeon and has given positive results to the patients who came to his clinic. You can book your free consultation by dialing (+919717470550) or you can ping us an email at (

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