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Got back pain? Your breasts could be a reason

Omen often complain about back pain at a very young age mostly never take the pain to figure out the reason or cause. There can be several reasons some can be health risking and others can be normal, still, the pain can be unbearable at times. Out of many reasons and causes there is one cause many of us never even think of and I.e. heavy breasts, yes this can be the biggest reason for your back pain. Breasts especially those that scale towards the large end of the spectrum is often named as a scapegoat for back pain in women. It’s actually the weight breasts possess and back maintains the body balance so it directly targets back and hence causes pain which is normal. It’s not just obese women only get this problem even women with average or say normal weight but have fuller or bigger breasts too are the victims of this pain.

There are many ways you can cure this problem of maintaining a healthy weight, diet, and exercise, etc. Apart from these options breast reduction surgeries can be a good option as breasts fat takes hell lot of efforts to reduce and even non-surgical options don’t work in some cases. Even vigorous work out or exercises he breasts will go through short vertical and linear movements often with high intensity, resulting in increased strain on supporting tissue of the breast and the supporting back muscles.

At Dezire Clinic, India we offer breast reduction surgery under the expert hands of Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S., MC.H.). During your consultation, he’ll examine your condition and recommend you the volume of fat to be removed. The best procedure for breast reduction is Vaser hi-def liposuction, in this, the targeted area is numbed with general or local anesthesia to avoid any pain or discomfort during the procedure. Very small incisions are made either under the breast or on the sides and with small cannula like tubes are inserted and ultrasonic waves melt fat under the skin making the procedure quick and easy. The volume of fat to be removed will be strictly decided by your doctor and incisions are sutured which dissolve on their own. To get your queries resolved more accurately schedule your consultation at Dezire clinic with Dr. Prashant Yadav. There are no serious complications associated with this procedure if post-operative instructions followed strictly.

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