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Girl to boy surgery | Female to male top surgery

What is Female to male surgery and why it is done?

Undergoing Female to Male sex reassignment surgery is a big step for the transgender men and non-binary people towards attaining their gender identity. This surgery is done to ease the discomfort of people who are experiencing gender dysphoria a condition where one does not feel belonged to the gender that was assigned to them at the time of their birth. With the help of FTM surgery one can actually belong to the gender of their choice. In this surgery your breast and genitals are restructured to give your body a masculine appearance. With this surgery it is suggested to take hormonal therapy.

How the chest gets reconstructed In FTM surgery?

If you are undergoing a surgery to transition from female to male the primary procedure to opt for is breast reconstruction. The breast and chest tissues are removed during this procedure. The main objective of this procedure is to give your chest a masculine appearance. Nipples and areolas can be spared in patients with lesser bust sizes, but if you have a larger bust, they will need to be removed during surgery and then repositioned after being resized. With the help of testosterone hormone therapy the hairs on the chest can be achieved.

How the reproductive organs are removed in Female to male surgery?

If you wish to remove your Uterus, ovaries and fallopian tube and want to stop your mensuration then you can opt for partial hysterectomy or total hysterectomy depending on your personal choice. In partial Hysterectomy only uterus gets removed but in total hysterectomy cervix is removed with uterus. With the help of a method called bilateral salpingo- oophorectomy you can remove the fallopian tubes and ovaries as well.

What is the process of the reconstruction of male genitals in Female to Male surgery?

  • With the help of metoidioplasty a penis can be constructed.
  • In this method your clitoris will be turned into a penis. The hormone therapy is introduced to increase the size of your clitoris before your surgery.
  • With the help of vaginectomy your vagina will be removed.
  • The urethra is also lengthened and placed via the neopenis. The surgeon takes tissues from the labia minora, cheek, or other areas of the vagina to extend the area. This is done to enable the individual to urinate while standing.
  • A Centurion method is an additional choice that entails moving rounded ligaments under the clitoris to broaden the penis.
  • Usually, a metoidectomy lasts between two and five hours. Further surgeries could be required after the original operation.
  • The removal of the female reproductive organs will extend the 2.5-hour Centurion process.
  • You can also opt for Phalloplasty in which grafted skin is used to form a new penis. For this procedure skin graft can be taken from the arm, abdomen, back or thigh.
  • If you wish to have scrotum and testicles then you can opt for scrotoplasty as well.

How does life change following FTM top surgery?

The discomfort and the scars might not go away for several months. People experience an improvement in self-confidence and an improvement in their quality of life after a full recovery. The effects of FTM top surgery are visible right away, but it takes some time for your body to get used to the new changes that have occurred.

Why choose dezire clinic for your FTM surgery?

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