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Get bigger breast without breast implants

breast implant

Cosmetic procedures and their demand has taken an upward curve worldwide. People around the world are opting for various cosmetic procedures to enhance their aesthetics and one of the most popular cosmetic procedure among women is breast augmentation and India is one of the most popular countries to get it done. Women who want to increase their breast size but not willing to put implants still can get the size they are wishing for and in this procedure they don’t need any external thing to increase size of the breast, the very own fat of the body will help them get the shape and size they always wanted to get and helps them look more feminine.

What is fat transfer breast augmentation?

  • In this procedure the fat from the specific body part (Buttocks, Thighs, Abdomen, etc.) is taken out and then it is being transferred to the breast area to increase its size.
  • The fat from the patient’s body is used in giving required size and requires very small incisions. This procedure is commonly called as fat transfer breast augmentation.

How fat transfer is done?                                                                         

Fat Transfer for breast augmentation is a multi-step procedure and the steps are as follows:

  • First the surgeon will remove or take out the fat from the donor area (Buttocks, Thighs, Abdomen, etc.) using liposuction and then it being transfer to the recipient side, in this it is breast area.
  • Now, the surgeon will separate the fat using a gravity-filtration system or a centrifuge while preserving adipose derived stem cells which are necessary for excellent results.
  • After that the surgeon will make incisions around the breast area either on axilla or areolar region.
  • Now the fat would be injected by the surgeon carefully through these incisions using a cannula.

Advantages of fat transfer breast augmentation:

  • Low risks of complications as the person’s body fat is utilized and the body is familiar with it so the results would be better.
  • Recovery would be faster than the other procedures though there would be swelling and bruising for some days.
  • Scars would be minimal and fade away as the time pass by.
  • More natural results and a great procedure for those women who want to get a bigger breast without implants.

Disadvantages of fat transfer with breast augmentation:

  • Limitation in size which is achievable through this procedure.
  • If you are already having sagginess the fat transfer would increase that you can do a breast uplift.
  • The age of the fat cells are unpredictable nearly 70 to 80% would survive.

Post procedure precautions:

  • Avoid exercise for weeks or up to the days suggested by the surgeon.
  • A compressor garment should be used for weeks to support the breast region.
  • Tenderness and swelling would be normal and medications should be taken properly.

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