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Gynecomastia Treatment Without Surgery ?? 🔴 Medicine for Manboobs🔴 Dr Prashant LIVE

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. First he explained about curing Gynecomastia without surgery. He told it is very common that  if something can cure Gynecomastia without surgery then why it is hidden yet. If anyone tries to hide it then it cannot be hidden.  If Gynecomastia can be permanently treated then it should be available online, offline, to the chemist, pharmaceuticals. There is nothing in this world which can treat gynecomastia apart from surgery. There is nothing is which other than surgery to treat Gynecomastia permanently and safely.

Some of the questions asked during the live session were:

  1. ​Hello sir. plz upload parent consultation videos. 🙏

Ans.  I m trying to involve parents so that I can counsel them and make their videos

  1. sir mera 1 tarik ko surgery hain.muje Subah ka time chaiye.but reception is saying it is not possible in morning.

Ans. Our surgery schedule is made according to different factors. It doesn’t make difference whether your surgery is done in the morning or evening.

  1. sir surgery ke bad scars to nai rahe ga kya muscle building sahi se hoga…

The scar I made is minimal, I made scar near the areola region. The scar which I make it short and heals around 3 to 6 months. The muscles doesn’t have any effect on it, when you go to gym and do exercises then the muscles will be build accordingly

  1. Q. ​sir hamare stan thoda sa vedol hai lekin usme gland nahi hai kya kre, kya ye exercise se thik ho sakta hai sir hum kisi ke samne khada nahi ho pata lagta hai sabhi hamare taraf delh rahe ha

Ans.. If you have problem then only you can’t stand in front of everyone. Small amount of glandular tissue is present in everyone, if you can’t stand then there must be problem. Sonography report has also written at the last to correlate physically. You need to corrletae it physically.  If you want to consult with us call on this number ​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Surgery ke bad swelling kab tak rahegi

Ans. Swelling is there for 14 days after surgery.

  1. Q. ​buccal fat and doble chin operation information please sir?

Ans. Buccal fat surgery is made for slimy the face and removing the chubbiness of the cheek. In buccal fat surgery a small cut is being made and the normal fat pad is removed. In double chin a small puncture hole is made below the chin area and fat is being taken out.

​Q. ​sir puffy nipples ko pura nikal sakte hai kya .

Ans. Yes, puffy nipples can be removed completely

  1. ​Just wanted to know why no stitches on scar ?

Ans. Yes, I have made a video in that I have not put stitches at the cut because the incision size was very small therefore I put bandages the incision size is very small it healed properly.

  1. ​kaya sir title to diya hy without sarjary ki

Ans. Title is given to guide and tell you that without medicine gyno cannot be treated. I have explained about it in the starting.

  1. sir ek ldka meri chest press krta tha uski cjha se meri puffy nipple h to ab ma kya krru

Ans. Gyno is not caused due to someone touching or pressing your chest it is caused due to hormonal imbalances, some medicines, lifestyle disorders etc.

  1. Mai bareillye se. hu sir mai kaise milu

Ans. You can come to our Delhi centre.

  1. Q. ​sir streach mark se dar lagta hai

Ans. I do treatment for stretch marks

  1. ​Sir agar stitches na ho toh any type of fluid leakage ka problem aa sakta hai ?

Ans. If stitches are not there then fluid will leak it is good sign that fluids are leaking

  1. general anesthesia process ka videos bhi daliye sir

Ans. I have made videos in general anaesthesia surgery

  1. gynecomestia ke operation mai kitna streach mark ata hai

Ans.  There is a minimal scar which is visible after surgery.

  1. sir mera sugery ko almost 45 days ho gya grade 1 puffy nipple ka lekin abhi bhi ek side ka abhi thoda puffyness aata h jata h pehle ki trh kya seroma ho sakta h kya

Ans. Some puffiness and swelling is there around 2-3 montsh. If you feel any problem then you can come to us

  1. abhi bhi t shirt pehn ne dikkat hota h thoda sa

Ans. Chest is normal in but in some case it appears to be abnormal. You can consult us if you want. ​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Q. ​excessive masturbating is cause of gyno?

Ans. There is no Gynecomastia because of masturbation.  It is not a disease but if you are doing it excessively the your focus will be diverted towards something else.

  1. Q. ​tsh 6.64 hai…. surgery ho skti h sir ????

Ans. If it is normal range then we can do surgery

  1. Q. ​sir which liquid is used for infiltration

Ans. We use normal saline with xylociane and adrenaline

  1. ​sir mai meri picture kaise dikhu

Ans. You need to send your pictures on whtsapp no of your nearest city Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Q. ​Sir does muscle size reduces after gyno surgery? i mean upper chest jo build up h, wo rhengi ya properly flat ho jayegi chest.

Ans. Chest muscle neither reduces nor increases it remains the same, if you do exercise gym then your chest muscle will definitely develop. Upper chest is bulky in males, it is according to pictorials muscle, if there is bulge in it then we will remove it.

  1. sir tshirt uncomfortable lagti hai

Ans. There is some problem if you are uncomfortable, you must have gynecomastia problem

  1. sir contractube x zarurat hai..??

Ans. No, it is not needed

  1. streach mark kitne aate hai

Ans. Usually 3-4 stitches are made on one side

  1. Q. ​dr. mayank sir delhi ne meri surgery postpone krdi ….sir issi vjah se ki tsh 6.64 tha …kya ye sahi kiya unhone

Ans. I have to check it, any doctor must have postponded it because the range was not normal for surgery.

​ Q. gyno gland ka weight kya hota hai?

Ans. Gyno is mixed with fatty tissue, it depend on the galnd which person have

  1. ​reproduction mai problem hoti hai kya??

Ans. No, there is not any problem in reproduction.

Dezire Clinic

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. gynecomestia common hota hai kya

Ans. Yes, it is very common. It is present in 40 to 60 percent of males. Mostly seen in neonates, old age and  puberty

  1. ​in case of massive gynecomastia surgery is the skin retracts automatically

Ans. We can simultaneously due skin lift after the surgery.

  1. sir Gynocomestia, gentic bhi hota hai kya

Ans. Yes, gynecomastia can be genetic also. It is caused due to other factors such as hormonal imbalance, medicines etc.

  1. Q. ​kitna time lagta hai gynecomestia mai

Ans. It takes around 2 and half hour to do Gynecomastia surgery.

  1. ​sir how we know we have gyno or chest fat

Ans.  In chest fat there is no gland but in gyno gland is present. Chest fat goes with diet and exercise but gyno doesn’t go with any diet and exercise. If there is excessive protuberance , dropping of the nipples then it is gyno.

  1. sir one more question what if the fat percentage is very high and gland is minimal how is the surgery performed

Ans. If gland is minimal we need to make only a small cut. Fat can be removed by liposuction. Fat and gland percentage is variable individual chest is different

  1. sir ,why for some patients of grade 3 general anesthesia is done and some local anesthesia

Ans. I have shown in live surgeries. It depend on so many factors I take the opinion front the patient which  anaesthesia they prefer. Some people have phobia of general anaesthesis they go for local anaesthesia only, some people have phobia of surgery they go for general anaesthesia only. While some people have some medical conditions such as obesity, high BMI they have to go through general anesthesia. The result of the both the surgeries are ssame.

​Q. ​covid ko leker ghar wale surgury k liye taiyar nahi hai sir …….abhi surgury karana saf hai ki nahi sir

Ans. You will not get covid due to surgery.

​Q. surgery ke liye kitna amount lagega sir

Ans.  Message on this to know the amount ​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. ​sir after the surgery nipples are in the same proportion and in the same place

Ans. The size of nipple areola shrink, nipple lifts and come to its normal position. But it will be in the same proportion

​ Q. sir after surgery kitney din baad walk kr skty?

Ans. You can walk on the same day after surgery, it depends on which surgery you are undergoing.


  1. sir VASER ke kya advantages h over conventional?

Ans. It gives better contour, less pain, less bruising, faster recovery, no damage to the surrounding areas.

  1. Q. ​sir,does using microaire is charged extra

Ans. Yes, I have started using. It is amazing concept, the cost will be very high

  1. white rice khane ke baad swelling jesa lagta hai sir

Ans. I don’t have any idea about this, but nothing like this happens

  1. ​sir , do you use kenolog for scar

Ans. yes, I use kanacord for kleoid.

​Q. ​sir lipoma removal ka kitna cost aayega?

Ans. Send your lipoma pictures on the whtsapp number of your nearest city ​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Q. ​sir clinic pe visit karne ka liye covid checkup karwa k aana padega sir

Ans. No, I don’t made compulsion until you have some symptoms

  1. Q. ​microaire best h y vaser

Ans. Vaser with microaire is the best. Nothing can replace Vaser

  1. tapes kitne din baad nikalta he?

Ans. 2-3 days after surgery we can remove the tapes.

  1. Q. ​sir , can we do internal flap for avoiding scar tissue formation

Ans. Yes, we can do this. We do something internally if its needed.

  1. multivitamin tablet like bevon can cure gyno??

Ans. No, it is not going to cure gyno.

  1. Q. ​gynecomastia kya hota hai?

Ans. Gynecomastia is the condition in which the male breast appears like female like breast. It is  mainly a hormonal disorder caused due to imbalance between the level of estrogen and testosterone hormone.

  1. sir ..liposuction meh lekage hota hae?

Ans. Yes first 2-3 days there is leakage.

  1. sir gynocomastia ki surgery kay baad infertility ka issue tou nii hota

Ans. No, Gynecomastia doesn’t affect your infertility

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