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Dr Prashant Plastic Surgeon Discussion Cosmetic Surgery

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the  questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions which were asked during live session were

​Q. hi sir my gynecomastia surgery completed 3 month so I want to visit u directly in bangolore when can I visit in next week

Ans. Yes, u can come directly. Please take prior appointment and then come

  1. one side gyno hai sir

Ans. Send your picture on WhatsApp from your front and side chest view. You have to send your bare chest view.

Dezire Clinic

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  1. sir, please guide about post gyno care

Ans. Take antibiotics for 7 days,  wear compression garment for 2 months, once we remove dressing do massage for initial 15 days with coconut oil or moisturizer containing aloe vera. In case of any problem you can contact us.

​Q. ​sir bina appointment k directly nhi aa skate

Ans. You can come but  in morning time, I am busy in surgery. It is more important for me at that time to complete surgery first.

​Q. ​sir diffance k medical me agar kisi ka gynecomastia hoga to o keya medical me fail ho jayega

Ans. If you  have gynecomastia they will send you for correction, they will not reject you. They will give you  some time like 3 weeks, your selection is stopped for temporary, if you have any doubt contact us.

  1. hair care rj, ​sir hair transpant karna he sir, ​me pune se hu sir

Ans. We do hair transplant by FUE technique. You can come to our centre, I am also expert in hair transplant, I enjoy working there and I give the best possible result

  1. ​sir meri surgery ko 8 months ho gye ab dubra to nhi hoga mein jim nhi ja pa rhu thank u sir

Ans. Why you don’t go to gym. You should go to gym, there is no problem in going to gym. Your gyno is not ready to come back again.  With Free mind go to gym

  1. sir lipoma kya weight gain se barta ha kya

Ans. Lipoma is slow growing tumor, it doesn’t come with weight gain, lipoma growth comes slowly.


  1. what if liposuction needs to be done if there is pre existing scar tissue from previous liposuction? will it create any problem? ​Can pressure garments from a previous liposuction be reused if they are in good condition and have been hardly used before?​while doing surgery, how do you tell the difference between fat and muscle under the skin?

Ans. No problem about previous scar, surgery  is difficult to do, bleeding is more but VASER  has a good advantage it makes my work easier.  If they are of good quality, you can use if measurements are ok for your current condition. We do pinching test, whatever we feel by pinch test then we can say it is pinch or test. We compare one side to other side.

  1. sir,u have improved a lot regarding your YouTube channel quality and informative content 👍

Ans. Yes, I have improved. I am trying to do lot of things and implementing lots of techniques. I have to improve lotof other things. So, I am impoving continuosly

 ​Q. प्रणाम सर , lipoma का liposuction करने के बाद क्या lipoma दोबारा होने के chance है????

. If I liposuction fat and capseule is removed it is not going to come back. Re-growth only occurs if lipoma is present there

  1. like spinal anaesthesia for lower body, is there some regional anaesthesia for upper body to enable to perform arm, upper back or breast surgery?

Ans. I don’t prefer spinal anesthesia because it is painful. It will be cost effective but I don’t use it, I  want to give a pain-free  surgery. There is problem in its recovery also. For upper body there is no use of spinal anaesthesia.  We have to choose what is the best and safest for the patient

  1. Q. ​सर टांके पक गये थे अब ठीक है लेकिन दांग दीखता है

Ans. Send us your picture, we will provide you solution

  1. Q. ​sir one sided gynecomastiya me surgery ke baad chest ki size equal ho jati h,like naturally

Ans. If it is on one side my aim is to make the chest symmetrical,

  1. how much time it takes for gynecomastia surgery.

Ans. Mostly 1 and half hour is needed for surgery, it is day care procedure, we start from incision to suturing. Plan a time of six hour for the day of surgery.

​Q. Hello sir.. for initial grade 2 gyno.. you remove only gland or do liposuction also?

Ans. If fat is there we will do liposuction, and then remove the gland. If fat is not present we will remove the gland only without doing liposuction.

  1. Sir Can Top Surgery (mastectomy) can be done without having recommendation from a psychologist?

Ans. Top surgery can be done because it is considered to be irreversible change. Clearance is required because these are irreversible changes. It is easy and mentally prepared for change, that’s why psychiatrics concern is needed. We have to follow the process

​Q.🙋‍🙋‍🙋‍️Sir, if I get gyno removal surgery from your clinic, what about my chest skin that will get loose? Is the tightening of the skin included in the gyno surgery?‍🙋‍🙋‍

Ans. Skin loosening depend on your type and grade of skin. After gyno surgery skin will retract back, if the skin is good you don’t need skin excisions. In some rare case we have to do skin excision that too in second session

​Q.gyno surgery effect on infertility?

Ans. There is no effect on infertility on gyno. Only if you have some testicular disorder, and your reproductive organs are not functioning, then it could be there. After gyno surgery there is aso no infertility

  1. sir have u ever undergone IV sedation? can u tell what exactly it feels like?

Ans. I don’t remember, but it is good feeling. If I will remember than  I will tell

sir gynecomastia ki surgery kis son me ki gyi thi

Ans. It was started around 10 yrs back,and surgery was started before I born

​Q. whoever is in doubt of undergoing surgery shouldnt think twice….immediately get it done and approach prashant sir…he is best in this and i am saying this hardly after 6 days of my surgery😊

Ans.  It is nice that you are sharing your result and resolving the tension of lothers. Don’t watch so much youtube and so much surgery. You decide what to do, don’t wait for months and year. You recover that is important to us.


  1. sir my one side face is cubby can i go for baccal fat removal

Ans. Buccal fat is done on both side, I need to check your both side of face, we perform buccal fat removal  from inside mouth.  You can come to us for consultation or you can also have face to face consultation form us.

​ Q. do you treat phimosis?

Ans, yes, we do  treat phiomosis, u can contact our team for more information

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir patient kaise react karte hai under iv sedation pls bataiye

Midazolam causes Anterograde amnesia, you  wil not remember anything during the procedure and after the procedure. We use ketamine and fenatline. Cockatail of drug is made to make u calm you  will be sleepy and calm


  1. gyno se medical me problem aati h or nhi

Ans. You can get your gyno checked from us

  1. who is right candidate for vaginalplasty and how much will it take to recover

Ans. Vaginoplasty does  vaginal tightness , after multiple delivery there is loosening of vagina. We do vaginoplasty for tightening as well as. We do it by laser and surgery, laser effect are not that much it can improve to certain extent. With surgery-loose tissue is removed and sutured tightness is reduced and to reduce it to pre delivery level.  Surgery needs 1 to one nd half hour and recovery time- 3-4 day, some pain swelling and discharge can be there

  1. sir is there any other method to reduce chest fat without surgery my age is 15

You can wait till 17 -18 yrs  of age, if it is very severe we can treat at this age you  can do exercise and weight training it will at least build muscle.

​ Q. sir if patient talks rubbish and nonsense, please dont allow any family or relatives to meet patient until he is back in normal condition .. do u allow?

Ans. After surgery patient gets calm and sleepy and they don’t remember anything, we allow patients relative to meet them.

​Q. hello sir. My gynecomastia surgery was done by you at your Pune branch on 17th of this month. Now left side of my chest is well flat, but the right side seems puffy and projected. what shall I do

Ans. It is only 8 days, your swelling will be there for 2 weeks. It will take one to three months for final result; it cannot come in one day.You will have some puffiness because of swelling,you  can  get in touch with us through our WhatsApp


​Q. hi sir, appne first time surgery kab kari thi?

Ans,  I don’t remember. We do surgery in internship we do surgery after post graduation we do surgery,

  1. sir post surgery pain management? bcoz after anaesthesia effect (esp GA) wears off, pain can be unbearable

Ans. We give strong injections and strong painkillers. Some pain is there which is very subjective, pain toleration depends on depends on individual and person

  1. sir grade 1 puffy nipple ka surgery k bad kitna din garment pehenna pardta tha?????

Ans.  Wear for 2 months for first month wear it for 24 hrs and for next month wear it only at night

Dezire Clinic

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. ​surgery aap kroge ki dusre krenge aur appointment me aap miloge ya koi aur

Ans.I will only do the surgery in every centre

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