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Dr Prashant Live Talk Cosmetic Surgery @DezireClinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions asked during this live session were:

  1. sir ftm top surgery ke liye kon kon se documents lagte he?

Ans.  You need psychiatric reference and 3 months of hormonal therapy.

  1. sir mera next year main karna tha gyno due to finance problems. FEES badeagi ya kam hogi sir

Ans. Cost can’t be said. To block your surgery you can do advance payment now Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. ​sir gyno surgery me kitna din me dard pura chalajaega

Ans. 1-3 days after that it decreases maximum it remains for one week. We give medications for it.

  1. sir sujan kab tak jaygi gynocomistya surjery ke baad

Ans. It goes after 2 weeks in some case it remains till 1 to 3 months

  1. ftm top surgery me lose skin retraction krne ke jagah kya on spot lose skin nikala nhi jaa skta kya sir?

Ans. If we do double incision method  then it  will cause scar, if we want no loose skin then we can go for mastectomy. I prefer to go for key hole surgery.

  1. muje Hair transplant Karna hai iska Kuch side effects Nahi hota na?

Ans We remove roots by FUE technique, there are pain discomfort swelling and redness.

​ Q. tummy fat surgery ki kitana coast?

Ans. Call on this no to know the cost Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. ​sir hair transplant ke one month ke badh gynocomastia surgery Kar sake bhai kya..?

Ans. Yes, healing will be completed after one month.

  1. sir one last question, aap phalloplasty bhi krte he kya?

Ans. Yes, we do phalloplasty

​Q. sir gyno surgery karne K baad seroma hoga toh apneaap chalajaega or not.

Ans. Yes, seroma goes on its own, if it doesn’t go then we can remove it by aspiration

​Q. ​after how many days stitches are removed after gyeno surgery

Ans. After 2 weeks stitches are removed

  1. ​phalloplasty ke baare me aap thoda bta skte he kya sir?

Ans. We do radial forum flap or growing flap depending on the length. It is extensive surgery takes 5 to 6 years

  1. is liposuction risky?

Ans. No, it is very safe if done by experienced and qualified surgeon.

  1. Q. ​Sir how to resolve seroma after one year of gynocomastia surgery..
  2. ​groin flap abdominal flap me urethra extension possible he kya sir?

Ans. Yes, it is possible.

  1. Sir who is the right candidate for six pack sculpting ? Is it very expensive ? What is the cost sir ?

Ans. Yes, it is expensive. Person who has less visceral fat, athletic body ready for workout, medically fit and ready for aftercare can go for six pack sculpting. For cost  call on Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir Lipoma main stich Kitna din main Nisan khatam ho jata h

Ans. It takes around 1 to 3 months

  1. Q. ​your clinic address in delhi ncr

Ans. We have clinic in Safdarjung enclave.

  1. sir gyno me side fat bhi hota hai kya

Ans. Yes, side fat can be there

​Q. ​breast implant ka bi batain

Ans. Breast implantcan change the shape, size, projection and cleavage. We use silicone implants stays for more than 15 years

​Q. ​tell me about unilateral gyncomastia.

Ans. The enlargement is seen on one side of the chest our aim is to give proper body shape

  1. Q. ​after gyno surgery my chest muscle can gain or not???

Ans. Yess you can do anything,  there is no effect on muscles

  1. hlw Sir gyncomastia surgery ke Bad kitne din bad gym kar rakte

Ans. After one month of the surgery you can do gym.

  1. Q. ​sir testicular implants and penile implants ki life kitni hoti he?

Ans. They have life of around 10 to 15 yrs

  1. ​gyno surgery baad complete result kitna day me milega sir.

Ans. It takes around 2 to 3 months to see the result.

  1. ​sir gyno surgery ke bad jo fluid jama ho Jata hai chest me… usko kese nikla ja sakta hai

Ans. It goes on own,you wear compression garment take medications. if any problem persist we can remove it by aspiration

  1. ​sir I am still dilemma about six pack surgery.I hope it’s safe

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe you can check our youtube videos,

  1. I have multiple lipoma .. but my budget is too low can you help me. I visited you in Pune at your clinic.

Ans. Please drop a message today let’s see what we can do.  Call on Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. gynacomastica ka side effect hota hey ki nahi sir

Ans. Pain, swelling, redness, change in  nipple sensation are some of the temporary side effects of Gynecomastia.

  1. sir agar chest fat kam krde. to gyno kam ho. skta hai.. agar gland ko abhi na dekhe to

Ans. You cannot check that you have gland or not this I have show many times if gyno is there it will not gland.

  1. sir body black ho raha hai Lipoma ke Wajah se ya skin problem

Ans. It is not because of lipoma, lipoma has no relation with it.

  1. sir breast reduction me koe surgery me problem hote h kya ush me kese ke death ho shkte h kya

Ans. No, it is very commonly performed surgery there is no complications such as death after surgery.

  1. Q. ​sir me kal clinik me ajaunga… aur sir mere right nipple me thora puffyness najar araha hai.. aur sune se choti si lump jesa mehsus horahai hai.. left side sir ok hai.. please contact me sir

Ans. after surgery there is swelling, some discomfort and pain. Unevenness irregular contouring is there. You have to understand this, next day everything cannot be normal it will take time and it will be normal. if you have any problem stay in touch with us.

​q. vaser right ?

Ans. yes, we do VASER liposuction.

  1. Q. ​इस जमाने मे गायनो की प्रॉब्लेम इतनी क्यूँ राही है? काय रिझन हो सकता है

Ans. Gyno is mainly caused due to hormonal imbalance, but now due to sedentary lifestyle increasing obesity the problem of Gynecomastia is increasing.

  1. surgery ke kitne din bad work out karne ja sakte hai

Ans. After 7 days of surgery you can start doing light workout after one month of surgery you can do heavy workout and go to gym

  1. please sir Bataiye skin main Kahi Kahi black hota hai skin problem ya Lipoma ke Wajah se please sir jayada Lipoma hai

Ans. It is not because of the lipomas it is because you are gaining weight.

  1. ​sir Idea regarding how to remove black flaat moles

Ans. We remove it by radiofrequency done under loal anaesthesia

  1. Sir can we resolve one year old seroma by Tricort..?

Ans. No, it doesn’t resolve

  1. ​FTM ka internal organs removal surgery hota h kya

Ans. We do the surgery of the internal organs

  1. भारत मे पुरुशोमे गायनो की प्रॉब्लेम क्यूँ बाढ राही है? खाना रिझन हो सकता है क्या?

Ans. Due to increases obesity, exercise and other problem there is problem of Gynecomastia.

  1. Q. ​does multiple lipomas is harmful

Ans. No it is not harmful, it is benign tumour.

  1. gynocomistya surjery ke baad cheat ke paas gaant se kyu pad jati hi

Ans. Because of present of fibrous tissue there is healing but slowly it begins to heal

  1. sir after removing moles will there be scars or marks?? after how many days will they go completely

Ans.  There will be no scar, immediately mole will go completely

​Q. Kitna day main sir discharge kar dete h

Ans. We discharge you on the same day after surgery

  1. keyhole and internal organs removal dono surgery eksath ho sakta h kya ftm ka ….approx cost bata dijiye dono ka

Ans. It will be different, for internal organs I have to arrange other doctors, it’s better to have gap between two surgeries.

​Q. I have multiple lipomas and pain less it fine for no surgery for multiple lipomas or surgery is mandatory

Ans. Lipoma removal is painless only you have to understand this, aesthetic and cosmetic reason is needed for lipoma removal.

  1. Q. ​sir bihar se Kon Najdik clinic hoga

Ans. You can come to our Delhi centre.

  1. sir in total I have around 15 flat moles some are large in size will that be also removed through rf surgery

Ans. Yes, we can remove by radiofrequency surgery

  1. sir ap pune mai khud surgery karte hai ya dusare dr se karea lete hai

Ans. I do surgery alone in every centre.

  1. Akele Aayenge to sir treatment Ho jayega

Ans. Its better to accompany someone along with you. If you can’t then we will make arrangements for you.

  1. ​sir ji main Assam se hu but aajkal Banglore mein raheta hu. aap banglore me haar mahina aata hai kya sir ji? agar aata hai to mahina me kitna bar aata hai aur kitna din raheta hai sir ji?🙏

Ans. I don’t have fix schedule I come in every  2 weeks

  1. sir gaynocomastiya ka ilaj government hospital ma ho sakta hai kya

Ans. Yes, it can be done it in government hospital.

  1. Is there any way surgery bhi hojaye n ghar bhi na pta chle ..actually I don’t want to tell about surgery

Ans. Yes, they will not know that you have undergone surgery.

  1. Q. ​sir what are disadvantages of liposuction?

Ans. Pain, swelling, bruises and redness are some of the disadvantage of liposuction.

  1. ​is there any chance of fluid retention after gynocomastia

Ans. It is very common it will resolve with time.

​Q.  mideisen se thik hotahe kay

Ans. No, it doesn’t cure by medicine

  1. can gyncomastia cure by workout or exercise?

Ans. No, it cannot be cured by it

  1. If the skin is burnt with lime, can it remove its stain without surgery?

Ans. Any  burnt skin is difficult to treat this post inflammatory infection

​Q. Gynecomastia surgery me risk to nhi h sir

Ans. No, there is no risks in Gyno surgery.

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