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Do you know what Hymenoplasty is? 

The goal of hymen repair surgery, also known as hymenoplasty, is to repair the hymen, a thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal entrance. Despite the fact that hymen repair surgery is debatable and contentious in a number of cultural and social situations, it is crucial to convey a clear understanding of the treatment, its goals, and the circumstances surrounding it.

What is the procedure of Hymenoplasty?

Typically, outpatient hymen repair surgery is done under local anaesthetic. During the operation, the hymen is either rebuilt using the surviving tissue or a new hymen is created utilising a variety of surgical procedures. The precise strategy will vary depending on the circumstances and goals of the individual.

What is Preoperative Assessment before hymenoplasty?

A thorough consultation with a licensed healthcare practitioner is necessary prior to the procedure. The surgeon will evaluate the patient’s medical background, perform a physical exam, and talk with them about their expectations and reasons for having hymen repair surgery. This technique aids in making sure the patient is informed and ready for the treatment.

What Surgical Techniques are there for hymen repair?

  • If the hymen is still visible, the surgeon delicately rejoins the torn edges to give the impression that the hymen is intact. The tissue is held together by sutures or stitches that dissolve over time. This method attempts to resemble the hymen in nature.
  • Creating a New Hymen:The surgeon may decide to build a new hymen if the original hymen tissue is unavailable or has fully recovered. In this method, a membrane that resembles the hymen is built using the patient’s vaginal lining or a synthetic material. Dissolvable sutures are used to sew the freshly formed hymen into place.

How is Recovery and Aftercare?

Patients are normally advised to avoid sexual activity and vigorous physical activity for a certain period of time after the treatment, usually a few weeks, to allow for adequate recovery. Instructions for postoperative care are given by the surgeon, along with recommendations for any necessary medicines and cleanliness regimens. Patients must show up for follow-up appointments in order to track their recovery and handle any issues.

What are the Context and Controversies associated with Hymenoplasty/Hymen repair surgery in india?

Hymen repair surgery is a complex subject with varying cultural, social, and ethical An intact hymen is symbolic of virginity and purity in various cultures. So, for cultural or familial standards, fear of shame, or for personal reasons, some people seek hymen repair surgery. It is essential to handle this subject with tact, respect for personal preferences, and an awareness of cultural settings. Hymen repair surgery, according to its detractors, reinforces detrimental virginity ideals, aids in the oppression of women, and gives men more power over women’s bodies and expectations. Its supporters contend that it can offer emotional support or relief to people who have experienced trauma or rape, enabling them to regain control over their bodies or defend themselves against abuse.


Hymen repair surgery is a medical procedure that aims to reconstruct or create a hymen, fulfilling individual desires or cultural expectations. While it is essential to respect diverse perspectives and personal choices, it is equally important to promote open discussions about sexuality, gender equality, and bodily autonomy. Ultimately, the decision to undergo hymen repair surgery should be made by individuals after considering their own beliefs, values, and the potential physical and psychological impacts of the procedure.

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