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Do You Know Environmental Factors Behind Hair Loss?

It is true that great hair plays a really important part in our life. All of us frequently stand in front of the mirror during the day to keep it in place and find ways to make it look better. The reason we are so attached and obsessed with our hair is that it defines our confidence, compliments our features, enhances our beauty and improves overall personality. We are generally remembered by the quality of our hair.

After knowing the importance of great hair, the discovery of hair loss is a stressful experience for both men and women. It comes with various problems like:

  • The inability of styling hair
  • Dissatisfaction with appearance and body image
  • Loss of personal attractiveness
  • The feeling of depression and Introversion
  • Negative effects on social life.

Hair loss is a very common problem, which everyone is facing in day-to-day life. The majority of hair loss in both men and women is inherited, resulting from a condition called Generic pattern baldness. Beyond that, a significant portion is caused by long-term hormonal or auto-immune conditions.  However, many people do not realize that one’s environment can play a role as well.  Here are just a few of the many environmental factors that can potentially lead to hair loss:


  • Hard Water Effect on Hair Hard water is one of the most known environmental factors that causes dandruff and destroy hair follicles because it mainly contains a high amount of silica, magnesium, and calcium.


  • Chemical Substances Everyone loves swimming, but there is some consequence on it also (Effect of Swimming Pool Chlorine on Hair). In swimming pool, many chemicals such as chlorine are added to it to clean the water. This chemical is responsible for damaging the hair. It makes your hair dry and rough.


  • Air Pollution and Smoke When our hair has interacted with contaminated air then the risk of hair loss increases. Many researchers found that when polluted air enters the bloodstream, body, and skin it makes hair weaker and thinner. This is also one of the known reasons where people are facing baldness. And yes, there also numerous studies show that cigarette smoking air affects that person who is non-smokers.
  • Heat and Sun Exposure As we know that sun is good for a healthy hair and skin because it provides vitamin D in our body. But we also need to be aware of the unknown danger of sun which can affect our hair. In some studies, it shows that prolonged exposure to the sun may your hair dry and brittle which causes split ends.


  • Diet Lacking in essential vitamins and minerals can affect the state of your hair and even cause hair loss. Follow a junk food diet or a diet which is high in saturated fat, salt and sugar and low in essential nutrients and the effects will be seen in not just your body shape but the health of your hair as well.

It is important to see a doctor if we are distressed by hair loss and want to pursue treatment. Also, talk to a doctor if we notice sudden or patchy hair loss or more than usual hair loss when combing or washing our hair. Sudden hair loss can signal an underlying medical condition that requires treatment.


Hair transplant- is only a rich affair?



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