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Dezire Clinic. Doctor Prashant Yadav . Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon 📺 Live In Hindi 📺 Sawaal Jawab 🔴

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the  questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions asked during this live session were

​Q. what is connection between gynecomastia and small penis

Ans. Gynecomastia and penis has no relation but gynecomastia is related to testicular atrophy, testicular mal development and low testosterone. Any testicular disorder can give rise to gynecomastia because estrogen level is more and testosterone is less.

​Q. sir surgery is the only way to cure gyno

Ans. Yes, surgery is the only way to cure gyno

  1. ​how can we identify

Ans.  If chest size persists for more than one year there is lump, pain and nipple areola diameter is more and ptosis then there is signs of gynecomastia. Puffiness is there in nipple areola than it is gyno, fibrosis occurs then it is gyno only

Q.​normal pennis size kya ye? can we enlarge size ? is size matter in fertility

Ans. It is no definition, it is made according to person if its size is small and big penis has no relation with fertility.  There is no effect on fertility

  1. Q. ​sir i have problem in foot after shoe wear my foot to be infection

Ans. Send your pic we will see whether it is normal or foot infection or corn

​Q. can unknown kidney stone problem causes gynaecomastia

Ans. Yes, kidney disorder, thyroid disorder, liver disorder  can have  a relation with gynaecomastia, if there is some abnormality which can decrease testosterone increase chance of gynecomastia.

  1. Sir mole remove korne kea liya kitna rupee lagta hea?

Ans. Send youur pic. We will see your mole and then suggest you the cost

  1. ​hello sir 20 din ho gye surgery ko sb kuch okay hai bs right nipple ke around zara si swelling hai, workout kb se start kr skta hoon?

Ans. Some swelling will be there, it is normal. If your chest is healed and you are feeling  normal then you can start doing workout and slowly increase its intensity so that you don’t giv first any stress to your body, let your body adapt to your gyno.

​Q. sensation kbtk waps ajati h

Ans. 3-6 months is the time till full sensation comes

  1. sir i consult local doctor for gynaecomastia. he asked for showing penis .then he said your penis is small firstly you do hormone test

Ans. If your testes is small and you have secondary sexual character then you get serum testosterone fasting. If anyone wants to consult a online endocrinologist and psychiatrist then we will arrange an online video consultation for them,

  1. Sir I have multiple lipoma around 50+ so can you please tell me how much cost for surgery and what is side effect after surgery

 Ans. Mention your detail n about number of lipoma, its picture, size , your medical history on our no

Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272


  1. sir i have little conical chest but i am fatty will reduce by workout or fat loss..

Ans. Now conical pointed nipple areola is a assigned as sign of gyno. Feel any lump in your nipple arolar region

  1. Sir one mole remove korne ke lea kitna rupee lagta he?

Ans. Send your detail on our no, you will get the detail

​Q. Sir mera delhi police ka medical hai, in end of December but mera testicals latke hue hai, wo Bol rahe hai you need to go through a operation aap ke yaha hota hai?

Ans. You will need general surgeon in this, if you are talking about undescended testis, you can come to our clinic we will  be your surgery. Dipashri Joshi

​Q. ​Students ko discount mil sakta hai?

Ans. Contact on our no for discount

  1. how much gap is needed between two lipo surgery

Ans. Minimum 1-3 month gap is needed, so that hb is normal,  if there is larger amount of fat need 2 sittings.

  1. when will you come Ahmedabad?

You take your appointment when good no of patient is  there I will come

​Q.Sir again i have a doubt can we claim medical claim for this surgery or you have option for NO EMI cost

Ans. No interest no extra fees is needed in emi. It doesn’t come under mediclaim but u can contact for this, if possible we will provide u the document

  1. Sir have you done any surgery outside India?

Ans. I don’t operate outside India, it is not allowed. But I treated lot of patients from out of  India

  1. ​if testes size is big then there is no problem of it

Ans. There will be some problem we need to diagnose it

  1. ​sir liposuction se koi side effect h kya

Ans. Pain, swelling , bruisness, numbness, hardness, irregular contouring, fluid discharge these are main side effects. If it is done properly then there is no complication

  1. ​sir muje btta diye plz gayno surgery kitne me hogi

Ana. Whtsapp us you chest pic od front and side view

  1. sir after gyno surgery of 3rd grade after how much time i can start hard chest exercises

Ans. After one month youu can do any heavy exercise chest workout, push-ups and pull ups, it is very effective

  1. ​low testosterone can affect on pubic hair

Ans. I advise you to undergo serum testosterone in fasting you will get to know whether it is low testosterone or not it will be confirmed by tests. Then we will see whether you need some hormonal treatment or not

Dezire Clinic

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir gynecomastia syrgery is very safe..

Ans. Yes it is very safe and effective surgery, it gives 100% result without scars.

  1. Q. sir just bit afraid of liposuction after seeing videos…

Ans. Liposuction is fast and its movement is also fast,  my hand movement is fast but there is no injury or damage because of it

  1. ​sir you very casual you cleared my doubts

Ans. I truly try to answer in common language so that everyone can understand. I have to clear doubt of everyone so that

  1. casual or freely or simply

Ans.  Yes, you can say so no problem with that

  1. if testes has problem then it affect on sperm count

Ans. Yes, it can affect sperm count.

  1. sir gaino ko kesi Meadishin se thik kiya ja sakta ha ,, sir gino may running karne se gaino or badh jata hai ya ni

Ans. Gyno is not related to running, you will reduce your body fat due to gyno. These all are myth, gyno had no medicine and cure, no medicine is approved by USFDA for gyno, so there is no effective treatment or it.

  1. Sir mere chest me lump hai kya krooo plz btaoo

Ans. Send your front and side views of your chest picture on our whtsapp no.

​Q. ​what will the cost of bbl for a 24 years girl and how much volume is safe and should be entered in one time

Ans. The approach of bbl and cannula size has been defined they have advised to use small size cannula. If we don’t inject in muscles then it is safe, it is done majority in safe way. The amount of volume depends on your choice and preference and whtsapp us for more details.

  1. Q. What is the permanent solution to increase beard density

Ans. Beard transplant is the only option, we do to increase beard density.

  1. Beard transplant me scar aata hai

Ans. Beard transplant with implanter you will get a natural dense look with it

Q.. Gyno ki surgery ke bd fit rahenge ya ni

Ans. You will not face any problem after gyno surgery, you will be medically fit in every exam, first treat it then go to go for exam


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