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Choosing the best Gynecomastia surgeon:

The breast enlargement condition in men is called Gynecomastia, and the only solution to it is surgery. Although there is no health risk associated with this problem, but to serve your mental trouble it has caused is the reason of getting rid of it. It’s not a medical problem rather a cosmetic problem as it is related to your appearance, the procedure is very simple the targeted area is numbed with anesthesia and breast glands are trimmed and if needed fat is also removed using liposuction technique. The simpler it sounds the more you need to be cautious while choosing your surgeon, here are a few tips enlisted to follow before going under the knife.

  • Patient care nature is what your surgeon should possess as to give you the desired results with mental satisfaction.
  • He should ask you all your doubts and queries regarding Gynecomastia surgery and if needed he should support you mentally to ease your anxiety.
  • His staff should be there to manage your needs and provide you with the required care and attention, along with them your surgeon should also be very attentive to you and your needs.
  • Your chosen surgeon should explain you all the thick and thin of the procedure from risk factor to the predictable results.
  • He should be capable of combining art with science i.e. along with his surgical skills he should be able of delivering the aesthetic results you really are looking for.
  • He should be board certified like Dr. Prashant Yadav who runs Dezire clinic, famous for his expertise and results on the cosmetic world.
  • A patient listener and understanding surgeon can provide you with great results and mental satisfaction and also it will ease your anxiety and concerns related to the surgery.

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