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Are you tired of searching “How do I get rid of fat under my armpits” online? What is axillary fat pad removal surgery?

Axillary fat pad removal

Your breast tissues form the size and shape of your breasts. Your breast tissues might also grow beyond the usual location of your breasts. These breast tissues can extend to the armpits and might give your armpits a weird shape. As per various medical studies it is found that axillary fat pads can form in 2 to 6 percent of the women population.  

You probably don’t like the way your axillary breast tissue looks if you have it. When your arms are down, it might make the area look “meaty” and lumpy. The tissue may also be palpable to you due to its greater thickness. Since the axillary breast can enlarge and feel more sensitive (just like your breasts), it may become especially bothersome before menstruating or during pregnancy. Gaining weight may make it appear even worse.

What is the cause of axillary fat pads in the underarm area?

Genetics or weight increase may be the cause of the axillary fat pads in the underarm area. In a technical sense, glandular tissue makes up axillary breast tissue. It is sensitive to any alterations that may damage normal breast tissue, including hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy, milk production, and other factors. But it could also be mainly made of fatty tissue. In either case, it results in swelling under the armpits, which may be unsightly.

What can be done to diagnose axillary fat pad condition?

Axillary fat pads can be safely removed from your underarms with a surgical procedure with the method called liposuction. You might need to get the excess fat removed with surgical excision in some cases for a more contoured and even looking underarms. The surgery makes your underarms look contoured, helps in regaining the lost mobility and decreases the irritation caused by various clothing items.

Does axillary fat pad removal leave any scar behind?

Our surgeon Dr. Prashant yadav always makes the incisions in the armpit fold when performing more extensive repair. That means the natural wrinkle that already exists there will effectively conceal your scarring. You won’t be concerned about any scars being visible and you’ll be able to wear sleeveless clothes because they won’t be noticeable.

What is the procedure of Axillary fat pad removal surgery?

When liposuction is done for axillary fat pad removal local anaesthesia is given. Surgery involving excision is performed under general anaesthesia. Your operation will last for around an hour. Within the fold of the armpit, an incision is made. Incision size could be as small as a few millimetres if liposuction is employed. If an excision is made, it can take a bit longer. The preferred approach is used to remove extra tissue through this incision. After that, the wound is dressed and closed.

How to recover from Axillary fat pad removal surgery?

  • After your surgery, you’ll have some swelling, bruising, and soreness. If a lot of tissue was removed, it can be more extensive. 
  • Pain medication that has been prescribed can help you manage discomfort. 
  • Resting and refraining from strenuous physical activity for at least a month will help to lessen swelling and bruising. 
  • For your first week of recovery, you’ll need to take leave from work.
  • Swelling can make the area look larger than you’d like. As the swelling goes down, you’ll be able to see the results of your surgery.
  • You may need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks as you heal. Please wear it as advised to help with your recovery and facilitate the retraction of your skin for enhanced results.
  • To reduce the appearance of your scars, make sure to follow the post-surgical care instructions Dr. Prashant will give you. 
  • Keep your scars well protected from the sun for at least a year, as tanning can make them look worse. You can apply scar reduction creams or other topical treatments to help reduce their visibility.

Can men also opt for axillary fat pad removal surgery?

Usually more women than males experience axillary breast tissue, however some men might also get it. Either gender can safely opt for axillary fat pad removal surgery. Male breast reduction may be done concurrently in many cases for a noticeably better chest contour.

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