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5 Tummy Tuck Surgery Benefit And How To Minimize Complications

Tummy Tuck is an out-of-the-box treatment for women, desiring flattened and tight abdomen, post pregnancy. Tummy tuck procedure offers the best in taut abdomen by removing excess fat and restoring weakened abdominal muscle.

There are more benefits associated with a perfect tummy tuck some of them are common and more visible.

Regain of the flatter firmer sculpted abdomen

Although Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as the, “tummy tuck”, is not a weight loss treatment, it can reshape the contours of the belly area where exercises and diet are failed. As tummy tuck surgery targets unwanted extra skin, it sculpt a figure at par with the dramatic weight loss.

The stomach area will become firmer, tightening the abdominal muscle, restoring contour of the belly and narrowing waistline. In addition, liposuction done in conjunction to the tummy tuck also removes the fat accumulation and loose skin, thus tightening up the skin in the area.

Best fit body cloth alignment  

Your clothing is not adequate and does not look good with the excess fat round your tummy? Due to fat deposits and skin laxity it make you feel uncomfortable in your clothing, as they often feel more tighten at most of the time.

Also, men and women could not feely try on small clothing sizes when they have lost weight, as the lose skin make them out of proportion to the clothe size and range. The ultimate benefits of tummy tuck comes as a surprise to the patients who can easily and effectively try on different cloth range comfortably with more smoothened and sculpted midsection.

Stretch marks elimination with tummy tuck

Stretch marks on the body is embarrassing for most of the women which is gained during pregnancy and other types of weight gain. As tummy tuck operation effectively removes loose skin the procedure also eliminates stretch marks post operation. Stretch marks line are permanently removed with tummy tuck treatment as compared to the not so effective application of stretch marks cream and other treatments.

No hurdles to perform exercise

Men and Women having excess skin around the stomach are unable to exercise most of the time. Abdominal plastic surgery boost the confidence of the patient to perform complicated exercises including aerobics and others.

Proper posture improvement

Loose muscles around the abdomen can lead to poor posture form, resulting in the weakening of the abdominal muscles causing low back pain. In addition, posture is improved with tummy tuck that helps to regain back firmness of the abdomen region.

Tummy tuck risks factors and Surgeons recommendations

Bleeding & Infection

Tummy tuck rare risks in the form of bleeding and infection can be overcome by the expertise counselling of the consultant Surgeon. The surgeon will recommend you to stop taking any medicines such as anti-inflammatory and aspirin two weeks prior to surgery as these medicines aggravate bleeding.  

Smoking and Diabetes

Surgeon would not recommend abdominoplasty to anyone with serious diabetic condition. Also smoking is restricted to patient undergoing tummy tuck for at least four week prior to surgery.

Tissue death

Necrosis more commonly known as Tissue death occurs when tissue in the surgical site does not receive sufficient blood flow increasing the complications as the tissue turns dark requiring immediate surgical removal. Depending upon various factors the patient can experience tissue death after an abdominoplasty procedure if he smoke or in poor health conditions. To avoid this medical emergency Surgeon will pre evaluate your condition prior to the surgery and handles tummy tuck surgery delicately without harming the tissue.

Blood clot

One of the most severe complications occur in the form of Blood clot that develops in the lungs after surgery requires immediate medical attention. Surgeon will place compression stockings on your legs during tummy tuck surgery for optima blood flow during operation. Also, he will apply heparin blood thinner to further reduce the complications.


Major benefits of the tummy tuck results enhances self-confidence and self-esteem. This is the main reason behind so many men and women opt for this cosmetic surgery procedure besides minute to major complications.

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