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5 Common Misconceptions About Hair Fall

Some simple hair fall remedies

Hair loss is a common problem for many individuals. Hair qualities and quantities vary from person to person. Where some people have very thick hair some have thinner hair with less volume. It can be genetic or other reasons can be involved but there are a few factors which if you follow can help you to reduce hair fall. Hair loss can be an emotional thing since it it reduces and effects a person’s self worth or value significantly.

There are various hair fall solutions which are easy and can be done without any professional help.

Firstly wash your hair regularly. And remember to use natural products to your hair. When you use chemical based products you run the risk of damaging your hair follicles which results in hair fall. Gently massage the scalp while you wash the hair. Or you can do that before washing with scented oil. This helps in soothing the scalp and it promotes skin elasticity and improves the quality of the hair follicles.

Use homemade lotions

Try to include lots of veggies in your diet. Increasing the portion of fruits and vegetables in your diet will help in reducing hair fall over a period of time. But it needs to be continues if you wish to see the results. Rubbing your scalp in a vigorous manner to dry it after washing is a great way to increase blood circulation in your scalp. That will help you to improve the quality of hair growth. Although do not overdo it since it can damage the roots. Use home maid products like lemon juice and coconut oil mixed together. Rub it all over your hair to give it strength and keep your scalp irritation free and smooth. Keep yourself and your scalp clean regular washing prevents hair fall as the dust particles are removed daily from the scalp.

Check the shampoo which you are using

Hormonal changes can also affect hair fall. It can be a temporary issue try to stay calm and relax when it happens. Getting stressed about hair fall will only increases the hair fall. Use herbal products to ensure that your scalp is getting the best nutrients. Also not a lot of shampoo works for everyone. Check to see which shampoo is giving you the best results. Try moisturising your hair and reducing dryness. Dry hair is prone to breaking and will cause you to suffer greater hair fall.

Control exposure to sunlight

One factor you should consider if you have dry hair is not to expose your hair to direct sun light for long durations. Just like skin hair can get damaged due to long exposure to sun light and heat. You must guard it from the dust and grime which gets in it as well. And lastly try to get the hair checked every few months to ensure that nothing wrong. Hair fall solution is not a singular thing since a lot of types are there and it is up to you to figure out what works best for you.

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