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5 Best Natural Tips to Prevent Hair Fall

Reduce your hair fall through simple methods

People suffer from hair loss all the year round. Few people have genetic issues which start hair fall in their early ages with thinning and patches of hair falling off. These factors can be problematic if you are not taking care of your hair from an early age. There are various ways tips to prevent hair fall or slow down hair fall at least. Most of these methods do not include sophisticated laser treatments or costly expenditures. There are various ways you can ensure healthy hair growth.

Add frequent massages to your scalp

Massage your scalp with your fingers from time to time. A major reason for hair fall is inadequate amount of blood circulation in your scalp. This can be prevented through massages on your scalp with coconut oil or sesame oil. These oils also provide nutrients to the roots of the hair resulting in better quality hair strands and promote hair growth. Add Indian gooseberry juice to the oil to improve the texture of your hair. Application of brahmi oil to the hair before you go to bed each night promotes hair growth as well.

Eat food which will promote hair growth

Eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. They provide a good amount of vitamins and minerals which is essential for the health of your hair. The vitamin contents in these food items improve the blood flow of the body resulting in better circulation and hair growth. Eat a lot of protein rich food as well. You can try tuna, lean meat, whole milk etc. These items are extremely beneficial to people suffering from hair thinning or hair loss.

Use cold water when washing your hair

Many people make the mistake of washing their hair with hot water. Avoid doing that since that damages the roots of the hair weakening it. Try to go for cold water when you wash your hair. In the winter you can use lukewarm water. If you suffer from dandruff then it is a good reason to rinse your hair in water mixed with lemon juice. The vitamin C present in the solution kills dandruffs and keeps your scalp clean and healthy. Follow this method around three times a week for a few months to see desired results. Rosemary oil can also be applied to your hair once a week to reduce hair fall.

Do not shampoo very frequently

Do not shampoo your hair too frequently as that can damage the quality of your hair if you are shampooing make sure that you apply conditioner to your hair afterwards to promote the texture and lustre of your hair. These tips to prevent hair fall will come in handy only when you start at an early age. Make sure that you do not put off hair care for the latter parts of your life as by then it will be too late. Go for hair treatment every few months to give your hair a specialised care. This is not mandatory but works well.

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