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🔴Dezire Clinic 📺Live With Dr Prashant Plastic Surgeon Q&A

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions asked during this live session were:

  1. sir I had seen your videos of around 8mths to 1year old of gynecomastia surgery massive glands. The surgeries were extremely tough and mind blowing. How are the results of those surgeries SIR

Ans. Yes, all surgeries are tough. Any surgery is a challenge like every player has to start with new inning, so as I have to start with new surgery. We take care after surgery, it is not like problem doesn’t occur only minor problem occurs. We give best result also, I regularly give feedback videos

  1. sir mera grade1 gyno hai kya medicine se chala jayega pls sir suggests me

Ans. According to my knowledge no medicine will not cure gynecomastia, if your gynecomastia is more than one year then it is irreversible and permanent. No drugs are approved by US FDA  for treating gynecomastia. Tampxifen doesn’t give appreciable change in breasts, it is drug used for anti-cancer treatment in breast cancer.

  1. skin whitening injection is gd for health or is there any side effects doctor

Ans. Glutathione injection is combined with vitamin c or other vitamin. It is diluted we checked for any  reaction. You have to take 10 injections of it at an interval of every week; it reduces the synthesis of melanin. You have to take glutathione tablets as a maintenance dose. It has shown good result and has shown benefit for improving immunity also

  1. how many gynocomastia surgery you had performed

Ans. I don’t maintain any record. You can check my schedule, how many hours I work, how many cities I travel. I manage 5 centres, I don’t get time to check all these.

  1. ​sir mera testosterone level473 hai or prolactine level29.5 hai and tsh 5.75 hai esliye muche gyno hua hai sir

Ans. Send your report on our number, I will evaluate it and tell you in detail about it. Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir ji ganocomastya k operation k bad kitne dino me thik hojate h

Ans. Mainly 2-3 days is needed for recovery after that everyone gets fine

  1. sir lipoma ka valid reason kya h?

Ans. No valid reason for lipoma there was one reason given for trauma that reason is for single lipoma. Multiple lipomas are  caused due to some risk factors heredity, cowden syndrome, gardener syndrome as such there is no such factors which can predispose to lipoma. Majority reasons are unknown for lipoma.

  1. ​m student hun..sir khud ka paisa se karna chahta hu

Ans. Become financially independent, save money then you can come to me. I will do your surgery then.

  1. sir Kolkata main Koi clinic Nahi hoga

Ans. We will see when to go for Kolkata for surgery

  1. dr mordcai blau has done 8 thousands surgery ab ap bataye 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Ans. That’s good, I appreciate that doctor. I don’t keep watching what other are doing

  1. ​at which center you will be available ?

Ans. I m available at the centre. Please contact on

Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. ​sir actually I mean when I visit center @ at which center you will be present Bangalore or delhi ?Ans. These are my centre, I visit all the centre, I am available at all the centre
  2. Difference between gyno and chest fat

Ans. All chest fat will not go with exercise and diet. Fat which is present in chest region is different from other body part.  Signs of gyno are paplble lumps, increase areolar diameter is more, size of chest is not decreasing after one year, lump is painful which will not go with weight loss or exercise

Q.​sir mujhe gynocamastia surgery kernaha kitna kharcha aega

Ans. To know surgery cost send your front and side view pic and visit us for free consultation

  1. sir mera gyno ka stitch revome hai Tuesday ko

Ans. There will be no pain after removing stitches

  1. pain hoga yaa nahi sir ji🙄

Ans. There will be no pain

  1. sir, isn’t there any medicine that can melt/treat lipomas?

Ans. There is no medicine which can affect fat and don’t effect whole body. If medicine melts fat it can damage blood vessel and connective tissue

  1. sir kya gyno surgery ka side effect hota hai kya??

Ans. Pain, swelling, bruises, soreness, irregular contouring are some of the side effects of gyno surgery.  No permanent risk and complications are there.


  1. sir rhinoplasty ki surgery karne k bad normal hone me kitna din lagta hai

Ans. We apply nasal pack is 24-48 hour.  You will have swelling, bruises after surgery. Plaster is there for one week, appearance  is the problem after surgery. Due to nasal pack you have to breathe through nose, there are lot of wide variation in rhinoplasty such as augmentation , reduction ,osetomy, cartilage tip. Recovery takes max 1 week

​Q. What is the recovery time sir

Ans. Gyno recovery is max 2-3 days


​Q. sir plz plz tell me armpit fat pad can go how much days of wearing garment after surgery

Ans. Usually downtime is very less especially pain, swelling and redness and difficulty in holding objects. We are not making any big cut and stitches. You can wear any inner wear which can give tightness to your armpit region. You have to do massage and compression is important, we give dressing with crepe bandage.

​Q. 8 days puffy nipple surgery post op sir seroma collect huwa h pani jesa m soch raha hu ki khub se seroma karunga injection se is it safe sir????

Ans. It is fluid collection it will go, don’t try to do it by yourself.  Fluid collection is normal, it will go on itself.

  1. sir surgery ke baad Indian army join karne me kuch problem to nahi ayenga na sir.. please tell me

Ans. After surgery you can go to army, defence, police navy. You can join anywhere no problem in this.

​Q. sir many doctors r telling I have huge amout of armpit fat so it will need a cut lipo will not do better… what should I do

Ans. Send me your picture, so that I can guide u whether you need skin excision. I always prefer to wait loose let the skin retract and after that I cut this. Liposuction is alone not sufficient we have to remove the breast tissue.

  1. sir normal kitna din tak rehata hai pani jesa…???

Ans. Swelling will be there for 14 days after that it will reduce. You can contact us on:

Dezire Clinic

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​Q. Sir. mole remove korne ke bad results kiya ata hea. please upload one patient video.

Ans. It’s a minor procedure, when patient will come I will upload video.

​ Q. I m from Uttrakhand ..Delhi will be near to me for surgery.i m asking if I will come for consultation…will u give a different date for surgery or the same day it will be done..

Ans. If you are coming from uttrakhand, go for the tests give booking amount and then come for surgery. Complete all your formality before then I will do surgery before. Same day surgery is not possible, that I am telling u many times. Anyone who wants online consultation with me, my team will give you the time

​ Q. sir what is the most advanced gynecomastia surgery in the world currently, ​technique

Ans. Technique is used in liposuction and gland removal, out of the marketing gimmicks the important is hand, mind and ear. The important its effects how its treat you, important is surgeon skills rather than the gadgets even though machine has some roles

  1. hii sir gyno surgery ke bad bhi ho jata hai kya

Ans. No gyno doesn’t happens after surgery

​ Q. gyno hai kaise jane

Ans. Send your picture on I will see and give

​Q. Sir mole remove korne ke bad ish jayga por koi SCAR rohta hea kiya?

Ans. There will be a minor scar after removing mole which will go away with time

  1. ​kon se test krye ki pta chale gyno hai

Ans.  HCV. HIV, HBASG, PT APTT in special case other test such as thyroid, ultrasonography are done.

​Q. please prescibe medication for lipoma sir

Ans. There is no medicine for lipoma, if it was there then there was no surgery

  1. Gyno test ki kauns attest kraye

Ans. There is no test, best is diagnosis you can do self-diagnosis. USG is diagnosis, for confirmation you have to do it clinically. If chest shape bothers you then it will bother you, if it’s not removed it will bother you

  1. police ke medical me pass kar denge

Ans. After getting treatment they are definitely going to pass you.

  1. face pigmentation ky upay hai sir

Ans. chemical peel, hydrafacial, dermaabrasion, laser treatment are available. It needs to be diagnosed first whether it is melasma, birthmarks, etc.

  1. nipple reduction ke side effect

Ans. No side effect of nipple reduction. It is simple procedure, extra nipple size is reduced


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