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🔴 Live 🔴Sawaal Jawaab with Plastic Surgeon Doctor Prashant @DezireClinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions asked during the live session were:

​ Q. Just one question sir as always.. how about loose skin after the surgery?? I have side fat too.. plzz answer

Ans.  Loose skin will definitely going to retract back, even though you have side fat it will retract on its own  just give it some time.

Q.​sir which test we have to do before gynecomastia

Ans. Viral markers- HIV, HCV, HBASG, PT, APTT, liver function test, renal function test. In some special cases we can go for ECG or chest-x ray.

  1. ​Thank You Sir mere surgery tum hi kardiya 5 oct Bangalore

Ans.  We will look forward to see your feedback

  1. How abt smoking n drinking after surgery

Ans. It is advisable not to do drink smoking and drinking, you need to avoid smoking and drinking after 2-3 weeks of surgery.  If you do moderate smoking it will not affect your surgery result

​Q. sir what is the recovery time for bariatric surgery

Ans. You need to consult a bariatric surgeon, I am not expertise in this. They will give you more information

  1. Q. ​ftm harmones start karnese pahele agar hamne top serjery kiya to kuch problem hogi sir?

Ans. For weight loss you have to do dieting and exercises. Weight loss had not any relation with hormones  Testosterone has some side effects such as building up of muscles but there is no effect on it on weight. If you do exercise and weight loss more you  can reduce weight

  1. Sir apka no ..

Ans. Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir gyno surgery ke bad agar testosterone Kam hota hai aur estrogen badta hai to firse gyno aa sakta hai kya???

Ans. After a certain age(after reaching adolescence)  the level of hormones gets stabilized. Once your Gynecomastia surgery is done it is not going to come back again.

  1. Q. ​सर मुझे भी लिपोमा हूआ है पूरे सरीर मे सर कितना खर्च लग सकता है

Ans. To know the cost please WhatsApp your lipoma pictures on our whtsapp number we will tell you the details about the cost. Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272


  1. sir ahmedabad mai surgery kab kab karte ho aap

Ans. When I will get surgeries booked then I will go for the  surgery.

  1. Sir , aap clinic m surgery krte ho ya hospital m

Ans. I only do surgeries in my clinic

  1. army me selection ho jayega medical me gynacomestia ke surgery ke baad

Ans. Yes, after getting your Gynecomastia surgery you can definitely get selected for medical examination.

  1. sir kya aap skin ke treatment bhi karte ho kya??

Ans. Yes, I do skin treatments

  1. surgery ke baad bahut logo ko balance chest ka result nahi milta sir isliye thoda dar lagta hai

Ans. It takes some time to reduce puffiness and bruising in the chest region. You don’t need to be worried we will give you the perfect chest shape.

  1. ​is covid test mandatory?

Ans. Covid test is only mandatory if you have any symptoms like covid.

  1. mujhe bahut Achcha result mila hai

Ans. We are very happy that you got the good results.

  1. Sir name nhi btya apne apna

Ans. My name is Dr. Prashant Yadav

  1. sir grade 3 gyno ki cost kya h

Ans. To know the cost of grade 3 Gyno send the pictures of your front and side views of your chest on our whtsapp no. Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Q. ​Sir Mere Bandages 3 days may kaha par bhi nikal sakte haina

Ans. Yes, you can remove your bandages anywhere but at the time send us the picture after removing your bandages. If you have any doubts we can guide you with it.

  1. Sir surgery ke baad bahut pain hoga

Ans. No, you will have only minor pain after your surgery and we will provide you with painkillers

Q.​Hellp sir…jo pregnancy ke bad jo weight gain hota hai aur body figure khrb hota hai uske liye kaunsi surgeries krwani hoti hai..

Ans. Within 6 month to one year it reduces on its own,  because hormonal changes settle it reduces on its own. The resistant fat present can be reduced by liposuction if family planning is complete then we can go for tummy tuck. You can go for liposuction and tightening muscle

  1. sir but after liposuction does fat return back

Ans. Fat depends on your lifestyle and your diet. If you are able to maintain it then you will not gain any weight. If you take care you will see great improvement.

  1. sir agr local anaesthesia me surgursy hoti hai hai kitna kam kharch prega

Ans. 90-95 percent cases are done in local anaesthesia till it required. Our cost is reasonable

​Q. Last one more Request sir Please mera video shoot huwa tana upload kar sakte hai sir plzz

Ans. It will take time to upload your video, you have to wait

  1. ​hormones start karne ke kitne din bad surgery Kar sakte hai

Ans. It will take around 6months to 1 year  after that you can go for surgery

  1. Q. ​Do’s n dont’s before surgery ?? I heard we have to leave all the habits a month before. Is that true?

Ans. Yes, depending on your quantity of alcohol or cigratee you are taking; don’t drink on the day of surgery and don’t drink after 2-3 days of surgery. If you are occasional smoker it will not make any . difference in this result, chain smoker quit 2-3 weeks before and after surgery

  1. sir mera hormone level thick hai, but mera prolactine level 29.5 hai jo ki thoda sa high hai, uske wazase gyno hua hai,sir kya prolactine level kum kardene se kum ho jayega gyno pls sir ans me?

Ans. If your prolactin is less than also your gyno will remain same. If it is from more than more than one year then it can cause fibrosis

  1. I am 6 ft 115 kg should I go for liposuction or bariatric

Ans. You can opt for mega liposuction. You have to do lifestyle modification,  diet control and do some activity such as yoga. We can do your liposuction in the tummy region. In abdomen 360 degree liposuction if you follow diet and  you will get in shape.

  1. Q. ​sir surgery ke bad in future gland fir se generate ho sakta hai?

Ans. No, glands are not going to come once it is removed.

  1. I am recovered now and I have started going to gym there is a little swelling below my right chest rest everything is fine. I have shared my pic on one of your teammates no.

Ans. Little bit swelling will be there , you wear compression garment and do massgaes it will recover on its own. I m very happy to know that you have recovered please send your feedback with others also.

  1. sir aj seroma nikal diya injection se birkul easy tha😂😂😂

Ans. Don’t do all these things by yourself, it can cause you infection. Consult us if you need any help.

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