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🔴 Live 🔴 Dr Prashant Plastic Surgeon Cosmetic Surgery Q&A

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the  questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions asked during this live session were:

​ Q.sir ye harmone problem h to kaise thik ho skta h

Ans. This problem is seen during pubertal changes, at this time breast increases as other body parts starts growing. When overgrowth of breast occur, glandular deposition is more which is resistant to diet and  exercise and changes not occur after 17 to 18 yrs, then gynecomastia remains. Hormone will remain same we can treat gynecomastia, this surgery is not to treat hormone level. This surgery corrects the shape of the chest

​ Q. sir surgery karnese kitna din rehena padega

Ans. If you  are coming from far then we will arrange facility for you. You need rest for 2-3 days so that your surgery can be done and you stand then can safely travel back.  You can message on or no for this. Live chat replay is on. Messages that appeared when the stream was live will show up here.

Dezire Clinic

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​Q.  Sir, my gynecomastia surgery done almost 25 days but still have mild pain, how long will it be alright

Ans. This is healing phase so mild pain will be there its normal. You do massage because chest become stiff wear compression garment, everything will go with time. You  can contact us in case of any problem, or u can meet us.

​Q. sir grade 2 gynecomastia ka approximate surgery cost kitna ho sakta hai?

Ans. Call us on our number for cost Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

​Q. sir gyno surgery k baad pain hota h kya jordar wala 😐

Ans. The pain is mild and it is in control

​ Q. sir what is the effect on gyno surgery if we ignore wear the garment

Ans. We advise you to wear it because it gives smoothness, reduces swelling. You can remove it for some time because it retracts skin. If you don’t wear it then to reduce swelling it will take time

​ Q. Hello sir I was wondering I want to do a scar revision on my nose but it is thick and oily do you think it will leave a dented scar

Ans. Scar on nose is very tricky we have to assess it whether we can do with scar removal surgery or with derma roller. Skin is stretched here it is very difficult to assess there, we have to assess how much benefit will it give it you; depending on scar we will suggest u the best modality.


​Q. sir gyno ka natural solution nhi h kya ?

Ans. There is no natural solution for gyno, there are lot of information about gyno. But there is no evidence that it has treated gyno, there are home remedies, medicines available but no effect. These are only placebo effect, science also doesn’t tell this.

  1. Sir, my gynecomastia surgery done almost 25 days but still have mild pain, how long will it be alright

Ans. Pain is subjective it will be there for one to two days

​ Q. meri gyno ki surgry karke 9 din ho chuke sir 🙏

Ans. Tell us how u feel , what changes  you are noticing, people will know what changes you are undergoing. You can share your real experience.

​Q. sir do u understand kannada? n iam from hubli

Ans. I can understand little bit but I can understand Hindi, English and Marathi

  1. sir konsa hospital acha rahega

Ans. Mai 5 centres are mine which you feel comfortable when you come

​Q. sir approx kitna lagta h surgery m 👏👏

Ans. Send your pic message on our number

​Q. sir I did my armpit surgery with u .. mujhe dressing nikalne ke bad armpit fat bs kam hua thoda vesehi dikhra he thoda .. or kala ho gaya he armpit

Ans. The areas will be swollen for 2 weeks. We remove fat and tissues,  you massage it and give compression after 2 weeks swelling reduces if  you have any problem send your picture we can see it. Start doing movements and do massage

​Q. sir 1 month purna blood test chalta he Kya surgery ke leye

Ans. Till 6 months blood test is valid

​Q. So I have 3 medium size ice pick scars on my nose and the only way to get rid of them is by excision because I believe TCA cross won’t work on my thick oily nose

Ans. For ice pick scar the best treatment is subcision, filler or fat graft. Yes, TCA might not work we can combine with fractional CO2 laser or derma roller.

​Q. aaj maine 5 saal ke bad t shirt paheni hai sir aapka bahot bahot shukriya 🙏 😘

Ans. It’s good that you can wear t-shirt, I get positivity when listening to those feedback. I want to know whether people are happy or facing problem. This is lifetime experience for you.


​Q. sir Liphoma ke serjary ke baad kitne din baad rikavary ho jayga sir ki ranning karne layak ho jay

Ans. You can run after 5-7 days, there is no problem in running

​Q. Hello sir, Is gyno a disease or deformity?

Ans. Gyno is not a disease it is a physiological disorder

​Q. m merchant navy m jaunga isliye surg karaungan medical test k liye 🙂

Ans. Yes. If they notice anything under chest they will recommend  you to correct it. Scar and incision will not be a problem for you they will not reject you.

​Q. sir which is better local anesthesia or general anesthesia? and kitne din baad stitches nikaalte hai?

Ans. Both  type of anaesthesia are better, depending on your grade, your medical condition, your choice etc. Surgery outcome is not dependent on the type of anaesthesia,. The basic steps of the surgery will be the same.

​Q. sir ak bar me sare body ka nikal dijiyaga khuch time leke kariyaga sir

Ans. It depends on if you  want to remove your lipoma in one sitting or more sitting. If you will tell to remove in one sitting then we will remove it .We can safely remove in one sitting also or 2 sittings both are effective or we can remove visible and uncomfortable lipoma.

  1. Do You treat keloids as well?

Yes, we treat keloid by Triamcinolone injection or  laser. If keloid is very big then we excise it. Fractional CO2 Laser, intra-lesional steroid injection is needed in removing it.

​Q. jabtak me gynocomastia surgery nahe kar leta tab tak weight loss nahe kar sakta

Ans. You  are not confident because of gyno  therefore you want to say this. This is very common and. I will mention u the number you can contact on our city

​Q. sir gyno ki surgery ke bad ka kya process hota hai

Ans. You have to take medicines,  wear compression garment. Follow up when gyno cure you have to wear new t-shirt. Exercise and do weight lifting after 4 weeks,

  1. can’t grow beard

Ans. If you can’t grow beard, there must be some genetic disorder. We can do hair transplant we take hair from back of scalp and then transfer it to your face. You will get natural beard which you can cut, have trim. We use it by FUE technique we do it with planter.

​Q. sir abtak gyno ka koi medicine ky nahi ayea😉😉 

Ans. No till now no medicine is there. There are lot of disease which doesn’t have any cure

​Q. sir pain hota hai kiaya during surgery ya blood loss

Ans.  There is no pain and no blood loss if it is done professional and skilled surgeon

​Q. can we reduce breast size as much as we want

Ans. Yes, we can reduce  to the size which you want

  1. sir g vericose vein how much cost for legs

Ans. Varicose vein  treatment is done by general surgeon,  you send your detail I will try to get u the best surgeon for you.

​Q. female breast reduction surgery

Ans. We can do as per your requirement, we can do scar less breast reduction, breast lift. Whether you want scar less or with scar both can be done

​Q. sir mene 115 se 71 Tak weight loss Kiya tha sir per gynocomastia jatahe nahe to I decided surgery

Ans. Front part remain same which is gland doesn’t go inspite of losing so much weight.

  1. Q. Testosterone kaise kaise kre

Ans. Check your serum testosterone level. When  you not check your serum testosterone level we can’t check it is normal or not

​ Q. doctor do you do vaginoplasty .results

Ans. Looseness or tightness of vagina is done in vaginoplasty. It takes 1 and 2 and half hour, the loose mucosa is removed the outer entry is made smaller the tightness we need you will get. This is very simple surgery and commonly done.

  1. Sir liposuction karwane se life ko koi risk toh nahi hota…

Ans. There is no major risk in liposuction. Only swelling, business, pain .It is very safe procedure we use the best available resources, no life threatening risk is there. We you do it with expert then no risk will be there

​Q. Sir bhot videos me dekha tha k liposuction cause death bolke..

Ans. Death can occur anytime. But with safety with skilled and precise surgeon and qualified surgeon it will not happen. I am liposuction specialist I do in and out liposuction, you  are safe with us no problem will occur.

​ beard transplantation possible in a day…is it painful process

Ans. Beard transplant is a one day procedure, it is not painful process it is done under local anaesthesia. Yes it is a one day procedure but it takes time because we have extract. within 4-6 months you can get bread. There is no medications needed in it

​ Q. Where are you based doctor

Ans. I am based in Delhi, Guragon, Pune, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

​Q. sir gynarcomastia surgery ke baad body nhi bnti.

Ans. you can build your muscle definitely after the surgery, do workout regularly/

  1. ​ayusman card accept kiya jata hai apke yaha

Ans. We don’t  not accept ayushman card and government card

​Q. sir bajaj finersv p emi hoti h ??

Ans. Yes, we do emi you contact  our team for this. They will tell you about documents, no extra charges is taken

  1. Sir liposuction k baad Kitne din hospital mein stay karna padhta hai.. Aur stitches Kitne din baad nikalne padhte hain

Ans. For 24 hrs we keep you under observation. Once you can walk independently, eat, pass urine then we can discharge you. We avoid stitches after 2 week we remove stitches

  1. sir ji, My liposuction surgery for flanks, chest n abdomen I scheduled on 2nd October, so can I travel back to Hyderabad next day and can I resume work on 5th?4

Ans. You can travel back and resume your work.  Take some extra time for recovery. You can fly to Hyderabad

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