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🔴 Dezire Clinic Live Talk. Plastic Surgeon Q+A Session

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions asked during this live session were:

  1. gayno kitne din me badhata he

Ans.  Gyno increases slowly and it treated by Gynecomastia surgery.

  1. ​q+a session kya ha sir

Ans. This is question answer series, in which you ask the questions related to cosmetic surgeries and I answer it.

  1. Sir Next Month aapke Pass aaunga Mei Surgery ke Liye Delhi

Ans. You are most welcome.

​Q. hello me delhi aana chahta hu to ussi din eybro cyst oprate ho jayegi

Ans. Yes, it can get operated within a day. Contact on our number and get your blood test done before the surgery. Try to complete all your formalities before the surgery after then we will give you the

​Q. ​punya anevala he may…lipoma keliye

Ans. You can come to Pune, if you want online consultation contact numbers send your lipoma pictures and if you have any doubts any problem connect with me directly after I complete surgery. when I will be free I will definitely call you.

Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir ji plz tell me aapka slot book karne ke liye aapka jo package hai usme se kitne % money send karna padta hai ?

Ans. We take minimum booking amount, we take around 10%. You can book package by doing the advance deposit. It is deducted from the additional package, if you want to change the date it can also be changed. Your payment is secured with us

  1. Q. ​is Gyno Surgery Painfull

Ans. It is not painful we do it under anaesthesia we make sure that you should not have any pain. We give pre anaesthetic injection so that you don’t have any pain.

  1. Q. ​muze gayno he asa dr ne kaha he.

Ans. Get it treated. Contact us for surgery on:

Dezire Clinic

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. muze gayno he asa dr bol rahe he lekin mere chest ki size 3 sal se same he. to me confuse hu

Ans. The size may remain same your size is neither increasing nor decreasing then it is Gynecomastia. The size which has come will remain the same, and then you need surgery. You don’t need to do lot of self-diagnosis, if you are confused then come to us for consultation.

​ Q. sir kitne mahine tak fat banta h

Ans. Our body has capacity to make fat for complete life,

  1. gyno surgery mediclaim mein ho sakta hai sir

Ans. No , it is not under covered under mediclaim.

  1. sir mumbai me apaka clinic nahi he kya..?

Ans. I don’t have clinic in Mumba but I have clinic in Pune.

​Q. sir mera ek side large or dusra usse chota koi problem toh nhi hogi sir 😭

Ans. You have one sided gynecomastia. You definitely have problem and we have solution for your problem.

Q,​Sir after breast enlargment with fat grafting or liposuction of abdomen or hip k turant bad kya care krne pdti h??

Ans. Initially we do fat transfer and liposuction. For abdomen and hip there is lot of difference. You have to wear compression garment, take medications for one week. After hips liposuction you have to avoid pressure. There is pain swelling, discomfort, redness, for few days which will resolve.

  1. sir, gland nikalne k baad jo dead space banti hai, woh kitne days m heal hoti a bina kisi depression in chest region?

Ans. There is no depression after gland removal. Chest is contoured and a proper shape is given There is no depression we do surgery by proper planning for this we do liposuction, it is cosmetic procedure for making a good shape to chest.

  1. sir gyno ke surgery ke bad left ke nipple me sujan aagai hai ?

Ans. Swelling takes time maximum 3 months to reduce . You do massage, wear compression garment do regular exercises.

  1. Sir gayno to ho gaya hai…. surgery bhi karna hai kuch months mai….. par ab usko aur badne se kaise rokhe?

Ans. Gynecomastia is slow growing, it depend on your dietary your lifestyle your exercise. If you remove all fat and gland it will not increase. If the size of breast tissue is increased then gynecomastia is increased, if you gain weight it will increase.

Q.​without surgery gyno treatment is possible

Ans. No, gyno treatment is not possible without surgery.

​Q. ​i have send you my pics

Ans. You will definitely get reply.

  1. Gynecomastia gread 1 ki srjary nhi hothi ji AAP k centre n mnhi hith h or me ne call ki thi je gread 1 h

Ans. We do surgery of all the grades of Gynecomastia.

  1. Hello sir.. how abt earned hard muscle beneath the fat n gyno??

Ans. Muscles will remain like that, after surgery the shape definition and detailing is seen in the chest region.  There is no effect on muscles and they will become more defined

​ Q. ​sir gyno surgery ka result 100 % rehta hai

Ans.  Nothing is 100% in this in this world. I will give 100% effort, time and energy to treat you.  My only aim is to give good result and you should be satisfied. If you face any problem, then I am here to treat you.

  1. gyno vapas atta hai kyu vapas atta hai

Ans. Gyno doesn’t come back once removed.

  1. sir puffy nipple treatment cost kya hai

Ans. If you have any question related to cost contact on our number. Send your detail on our no you will get to know about the cost.

​Delhi – 9717470550 Pune – 9222122122 Bangalore- 8971224700 Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Sir can you prescribe human growth hormone Hgh for bodybuilding

Ans. We will not recommend it, if you want to use, use it under brief period and that too under guidance. I am not the right person for to provide this solution.

Q.​sir why do you do liposuction through nipple. as everyone says liposuction through side is more effective as full fats are suckked out

Ans. Because giving scar at the side region is easy to do the entire surgery because we get more access. I do such things in which I can give the best result and minimum scar, I do surgery by peri-areolar incision. If the scar is less than we do peri-areolar incision. I don’t look at my comfort, the result matters the most. I will not give you the scar which is visible.

​Q. keep doing live sessions sir. they r very helpful and interactive..😛😛

Ans. Thank you for your feedback

​Q. call ki thi sir mane usen mnaa kr de h or sir mere photo bje h ji mera

Ans. I will check for it, I will check with my team

​ Q. sir sargey ki fees one time pay karni padti ye kya

Ans. Yes you have to pay one time. You can also get done through finance company by zero percent interest.

  1. bhai mera ek side large he or ek chota koi dikkat toh nhi he 😭😭😭😭

Ans. It is a problem and we are here for treating it

  1. is there any complication in lipoma removal for a diabetic person?

Ans. You have to check fasting and random blood sugar. If your Hb1ac is normal then you will not have any problem.  If your sugar in under control and you are taking medicines then there is no problem in doing lipoma removal.

  1. sir mere spine bent ho jaate hai baithe baithe

Ans. You can walk and do exercises.

​​Q. hii sir I am Hemant Umate I completed my gaynocomastia surgery from you at last Wednesday.​thank you for that. ​but I have some pain below The chest

Ans.  You may have some pain and discomfort, it will recover with time. If you face any problem then I am here for you.

  1. how much Time it required to get released from pain

Ans. Pain is for one week then it becomes fine

​Q. ​sir but it can be harmful to the nipples

Ans. I give incision is peri-areolar region not in the nipples.

  1. cancer toh nhi h 😭

Ans.  If you feel like cancer that come to clinic for examination

  1. Me 17 sal ka hu Gyno hai

Ans. Come with your parents for consultation you can do video consultation and telephonic consultation with me.

  1. dermawear kitne din tak pehna parega?

Ans. Till 2 months you have to wear dermawear.

  1. Sir Emi kaisa he Details kinase no milegi sir

Ans. Call on the number send your documets

​Q. ​lipoma detect karne ke liye koi test body mai kaha hai pata karane ke liye

Ans. You can go for FNAC or USG.

  1. Gynaecomastia remove karna hai me 17 sal ka hu remove kab karu

Ans. You can come with your parents for surgery.

  1. but I have some pain below chest and underarms

Ans. Pain will be there for few days, you do exercise and massages regularly.

  1. Sir I wanted to remove mole from my face.. will there be any scar after that???

Ans. There is no scar after mole removal, we do it by radiofrequency.

  1. sir mere hip bad raha hai why….! plz tell me

Ans. It may be because you are gaining weight because of poor lifestyle and less physical activity

  1. sir nipple k niche gland kyu choda jata hai

Ans. We don’t keep the gland we remove it

  1. ​for lipoma removal which city do I need to come ? I may need you to operate them. I am from Mumbai Btw

Ans. If you are from Mumbai you can come to our Pune centre.

  1. Q. ​neck mai lipoma hai vaha pe bhi local anesthesia denge?

Ans.  Yes, we have to give local anaesthesia for it.

  1. mediclim acepat hota hai sir lipoma me

Ans. No, mediclaim is not accepted in lipoma.

  1. I’m only worried abt loose skin after the surgery sir.. Thought of getting done of gyno n stomach fat removal

Ans. No there is no loose skin, VASER does very good skin retraction.

  1. sir in gyno only gland removal and fat removal ka cost difference

Ans. If you have fat and gland I will remove both, fat and gland both need to be removed

  1. Can I go home same day of the surgery when 2 surgeries are done?? Like gyno n stomach fat

Ans.  If you are comfortable then we can discharge you on the same day and if you are not comfortable then we can keep you under observation

  1. no I’m asking if cosmetic surgerian is good or plastic surgeon?

Ans. Cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery these are not different. Plastic surgeon is a cosmetic surgeon if his does cosmetic surgery.

  1. Sir is there will be any difference in surgery results between you and your other doctor

Ans. No, there will be no difference in surgery result

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