SCROTOPLASTY: Creation of a Scrotum with Testicular Implants

The scrotum is a thin sac located at the base of the penis and is an imperative part of the male reproductive system. It grants protection to the testes, where sperm production takes place as well as manages the temperature within the testes, and offer healthy environment for sperm growth.

Scrotoplasty is known surgical procedure for the women who wish to undergo transgender surgery and want to improve their image as complete man. Other than this, it is also helpful in surgical repair of the imperfect or damaged scrotum. The surgery is usually performed by the plastic surgeon or urologist and can be executed along with phalloplasty or metoidioplasty, but if only vaginal removal is done. The scrotal implants prepared from silicone, stainless steel, titanium, PTFE, and other implant-grade materials. These formulated implants are soft in nature and are surprisingly realistic.

Who Should Undergo & Expected Results

Scrotoplasty is recommended for:

  • Women who really wish to undergo sex reassignment surgery and want to enjoy life as opposite It is usually done after physical evaluation and hormonal therapy and sometime together with penile creation.
  • Men who anguish of shorter penile length, as a result of circumcision surgery.
  • Men who desire to eliminate loose scrotal skin consequently of ageing.
  • A male infant who born with congenital penoscrotal webbing can take advantage of this procedure.

When it comes to results, surgery provides the most expected results with shorter recovery time and less pain.

Surgical procedure of Scrotoplasty

  • This procedure is usually performed in an outpatient setting, under the effect of local anaesthesia.
  • During sex affirmation surgery, incisions are done just above the pubic bone and in the lower region of the labia majora. The lower ends of muscles are then turned up and sew up to form a pouch.
  • After a definite time gap, another part of surgery is performed where testicular implants are inserted into the newly-formed
  • pouch to provide more masculine appearance. The incision is then sewed up to shut down.

Possible Complications and Risks

Like other surgery Scrotoplasty too associated with some risks and complications:

  • Perioperative and postoperative bleeding
  • An adverse reaction of local anaesthesia
  • Infection at surgical site
  • Scarring that may require a further surgical procedure to correct
  • Pain, if become chronic can impact your life
  • Bruising within or around the surgery site
  • Altered or reduced sensation to the scrotum


Note: it is important to know that even after scrotal implant body will not be able to produce natural sperm. It is just a cosmetic procedure, which makes you complete man, but still, you have to continue with testosterone intake.