Non-Surgical Weight Loss & Body Reshaping

Non Surgical body reshaping and weight loss with LavaTRON:

Loose 1/2 inch loss per session @ Rs. 3500/- OR 4-6 inch loss in 1 month @Rs 25,000/-

Non surgical weight loss liposuction by LavaTRON is a procedure that helps men and women lose that last stubborn weight they can’t seem to get off no matter how much exercise and dieting they do. Non surgical Liposuction is removing the fat on a person without going through the surgical process, but still gets that great look. This procedure has different techniques to help different parts of the body. Non surgical liposuction can help the face, neck, arms, legs, hips and stomach.


LavaTRON involves no anesthesia which means that the recovery time is within minutes of having the procedure. Without having anesthesia there is no being under and no waking up feeling dizzy and drowsy. The patient can come to our office for the consultation, make an appointment for the procedure, walk in for the procedure and be out of doctor’s office in 1 hour and have the entire procedure over with and get back to their everyday life.


The perfect non surgical liposuction candidate is a person who is in overall good health, an adult and is just looking for some help on those few pounds they cannot simply shed.


The LavaTRON has given consistent results and it is absolutely safe with no downtime. Depending upon the area where you want fat removal it take about 10-30 mins each session and twice a week for 6 weeks.

After the treatment there will be no swelling, bruising, discomfort, pain or tenderness. There is no bandages needed, you can walk in and out the same day of the procedure.

A person who gets the non surgical liposuction procedure will be able to look like they have lost weight within the first 5 days of having the non surgical liposuction procedure. Because this is a non surgical procedure this is a very safe and risk free procedure.


LavaTRON helps increase the temperature of deep dermis & hypodermis with 3-5cm in depth, improving function, circulation of blood, relief of pain, and enhances the extension of collagen tissues.

LavaTRON facilitates the cure of chronic inflammations by using induction heating which refers to a method where high-frequency current applied to a body triggers resistance to convert an electric energy into a thermal energy.

New Technology Of LavaTRON

How it works

Sends radio frequency up to 250W into deep tissue to raise temperature of hypodermic depths to 39-47.

Variously sized electrodes (20-80/100mm) are applied to various parts of a body.

Absolutely safe with automatic of maximum output power setting based on electrodes size and automatic control of output by perceiving temperature of surface of the electrodes.

Controlling obesity & body shape

The product helps remove biological wastes through a high-frequency thermal massage that acts deep on a patient’s subcutaneous fat, and increase skin elasticity by regenerating collagen tissues. On top of that, its lipolysis facilitation enables the control of obesity and body shape.

Removing wrinkles & skin health

The high-frequency thermal massage helps remove biological wastes and increase skin elasticity, but also removes the wrinkles for healthy and beautiful skin.

Enhancing scalp health

Deep heating helps promote blood circulation to supply the scalp with lots of oxygen and nutrients and sprout hairs, preventing them from falling out through a stimulation and sterilization of their roots via a thermal effect.

Relieving pain

An increase in temperature up to 39-47 through an application of high-frequency to dermis & hypodermis helps relieve pains by facilitating the fibrous function of collagen tissues, blood circulation .

Non Surgical Liposuction: Liposuction Alternatives

Patients ask if there is a procedure that allows them to get the results of liposuction without surgery. Many people long for the slimming and body-contouring results of liposuction, but are afraid or unable to undergo a surgical liposuction procedure.

New advances in the medical field have developed LavaTRON for weight loss and reshaping your body with outstanding results without the need of surgery.

When To Get Non-Surgical Liposuction By LavaTRON

There are many reasons why a person might want get non-surgical liposuction. A person might be looking to sculpt their body or get rid of stubborn fat in certain areas that is unable to eliminate with diet or exercise. Another person can feel that they are not ready for surgical liposuction or they are afraid of it and prefer an alternative like non-surgical liposuction. For others, medical conditions might not make them a good candidate for surgical liposuction and therefore find in non-surgical liposuction the best alternative to reach their body sculpting goals. Regardless of the reason, non-surgical liposuction by LavaTRON is a great way to sculpt your body in a series of treatments that will reduce inches and give you great results.