Uterus is a unique organ of women body where eggs get implant after the fertilization once they leave the ovary and results out in pregnancy. As uterus does not provide any benefit to Trans men so, they prefer to have it removed. Hysterectomy is the scientific term used for the removal of the uterus along with lining (endometrium). Thus, total hysterectomy procedure involves removal of the uterus as well as Cervix.

The reason behind Hysterectomy in Trans men while sex reassignment surgery

  1. Because they do not feel comfortable in having uterus or want to avoid menstrual cycle and painful periods cramps and some other women related problems. Some prefer to take testosterone to end the period process, and others who are not comfortable in taking testosterone prefer to go for Hysterectomy surgery.
  2. The surgery is needed while sex transgender if they suffer from fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding, vaginal pain because of uterus.
  3. The enhance intake of testosterone during FTM surgery raises the chances of cervix cancer and uterus cancer, hence to prevent the risk of cancer it is essential to remove uterus in trans man.

Surgical technique used for hysterectomy surgery in India

Two procedures are usually followed to remove the uterus like as mentioned below:

Abdominal hysterectomy technique

Numerous small cuts are made in the bellybutton/abdomen and a tiny laparoscope and other surgical instruments are passed into the pelvis. Camera seems to be useful for providing a clear picture about the organ and uterus and cervix tissues are taken outside with aid of surgical instrument. As large incision is made, hence it takes longer time in recovery.

Vaginal hysterectomy surgery in India

In this process, a small cut is done near vagina and the womb is removed through it successfully. This procedure has faster recovery time as compared to abdominal because of small incision. This procedure might be painful for you if you never have done sex before or you have very small vagina.

Some pre and post surgery tips:

  1. Visit the clinic one day before to the surgery to get done with surgical information and to carry out some health checkups.