The penis is defined as male sex organ which is a tubular structure obtrude out of the body just over the scrotum.  It is an essential organ in men body, thus women who are undergoing Female to male prefer to get penis construction. This surgery aids them in converting their identity completely as man and provides sexual satisfaction.

Preparation for Phalloplasty

If you are planning to perform Phalloplasty surgery, two major things need to be followed-

  1. Removal of hair on graft sites:

Consult with your surgeon electrolysis is required to remove hair on any of the donor sites. Electrolysis is an optional process for producing shaft of the penis, but compulsory for skin that when used to lengthen urethra.

  1. Quit smoking

You have to quit smoking before 6 months if you are willing for phalloplasty surgery. Because if you are regular smoker or addicted then it is going to affect new penis tissues and make them dying out and also increases the wound healing time after surgery.

Surgical procedure

  • First of all donor skin area is found and usually, forearm is measured as donor skin source.
  • After selecting donor area flap of skin, nerves and tissues are removed and spin into a ‘tube within a tube’ like structure.
  • The newly constructed penis is connected to the groin on top of the clitoris with microsurgery.
  • Afterwards surgery is performed at end part to make it look like penis
  • After 6 months tattooing of the head is done to make a visible partition between the head and the shaft.
  • And a skin graft usually from thighs is taken to cover the donor skin area.

Pre and post surgical tips

  • You have come to the hospital one day prior to surgery for some test like as blood, X-ray and lungs test.
  • Your bowels are prepared for cleanup and pubic or abdominal region or donor region will be shaved completely.
  • You have to stay under observation for 2-3 days after surgery and medication will be given to prevent bleeding and blood clots after surgery.
  • In case of urethra extension, a tube is placed for urine collection which will be removed after one week of surgery.
  • Body will take 2-4 weeks in healing and minimum of 6 weeks to come back to your normal routine.
  • You are asked to avoid physical activities until complete recovery as it will affect the heart rate.
  • Time to time follow up is required to check out new penis, blood flow and the ability of erection.

Same like this there is another technique used for penis construction is known as metoidioplasty.

Metoidioplasty Procedure

During this, testosterone is injected to make the clitoris nurture about one to three inches. This process engages cutting of ligament that sustains the clitoris in its position that is under the pubic bone. Along with that surrounding tissues also cut down and clitoris is then free up so more of them hang out.

To enhance the overall effect some other modification is required such as-

  • Fat need to be eliminated from the pubic heap and the nearby skin may be stretched upwards, which brings new penis further than forward and prominent.
  • Skin flaps of labia minora are used to enfold around the new penis to make it look longer.

The resultant new penis is small in size as it is an improvement of clitoris which is naturally small in size. Hence, you would not be able to have deep penetrative sex as of its small size, which is the major drawback. Apart from this, penis gets erect well during sexual arousal and sexual sensation is great because clitoris used to be main sensation organ in women.

Risk or complications involved with surgery

  • You might not be happy with the size of penis as it is small in size than normal and shape of penis might be not attractive.
  • You may feel changes in urination, numbness, hypersensitivity and less ability to orgasm.
  • Change in urination flow and urine leakage is a common problem after penis reconstruction.